Spy Bahu 10th May 2022 Written Update: Sejal in danger.

Spy Bahu 10th May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sejal getting into the bus and telling SK the bus number from her memory. Jatin’s mother tells your daughter is no longer in your hands and she ran away from the marriage. Grandmother tells a adopted kid is adopted,if she had your blood she wouldn’t have ran away like this. Minal tells her she has no right to call her adopted and she trusts her daughter and there might be definitely a reason behind her leaving. Saras tells he would never let anyone raise a finger on their daughters upbringing. Police surrounds the bus and asks Farid to surrender. Farid comes out with Sejal and gunpoint and threatens to kill her if anyone follows him.

Sejal tries to speak but Farid has her mouth closed and uses her as a shield. Farid pushes Sejal and gets inside a warehouse as the bomb goes off. SK rushes Sejal to the hospital. Sejal wakes up and asks about Farid. SK tells Sejal that her DNA has matched and the terrorist who died in that blast was her brother Farid Mirza. SK tells he is sorry that she couldn’t meet her brother but today she saved a lot of lives by preventing the blast in that bus. Minal calls Sejal and is shocked find out Sejal is in hospital. Sejal’s family rushes the hospital. Minal asks Sejal if she is okay? Saras tells Sejal that she could have said no if she didn’t want the marriage. Minal tells no one would have pressurised for the marriage. Saras tells Minal to take care of Sejal and he will talk to the doctor about her discharge.

Minal and Saras bring Sejal home and take care of her. Saras brings eggs for her and tells he knows it is her favorite and asks her to eat it quickly before Baa returns with Bamba. Minal tells Baa took Bamba to pray for you at temple. Sejal watches Yohan’s spy cam and listens to him talking on phone. Yoha tells Farid was changing his mind but he finally did it and set example for many boys. Sejal recalls Yohan giving money to Farid and persuading him for the mission. Sejal enters the showers and gets angry thinking about Yohan’s words. Sejal’s inner voice speaks to her as Mahira and tells her this is her chance to do something for her real parents.

Sejal tells she doesn’t want to hurt her parents who accepted a stranger and gave her so much love. Mahira tells her she has entire life to keep her Kotadia family but now is the chance to do something for the country and Mirza family. Sejal decides she will take her revenge and also keep her family safe. Shail and Shalini are glad that they finally got rid of Sejal and plan to take care of their next problem Yohan. The episode ends with Sejal telling little Mahira she will definitely take revenge of their brother’s death from Yohan.

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