Spy Bahu 13th May 2022 Written Update: Yohan escapes from Sejal.

Spy Bahu 13th May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with police telling Minal and Saras they can’t register FIR as it is not even 24hours yet since Sejal is missing. Minal recalls moments with Sejal since childhood as Luka Chuppi plays in background. Saras tries calling Sejal again. Drishti tries calling Yohan and wonders where did he go. Yohan wakes up in the morning and finds himself tied to a chair. Marriage preparation is complete at Nanda house. Kamal asks Arun where is Yohan? Alisha tells she has complete trust on her love and Yohan has to come today.

Alisha tells she is in love with Yohan since ten years but today finally Yohan will be hers and this marriage would be talked about in entire Delhi. Kamal tells Alisha to wait for Yohan before going to mandap. Alisha goes and sits in the mandap and lights the havan. Alisha tells either she would marry Yohan on the mandap or she will die there. Sejal returns to the room she locked Yohan and finds he has escaped from the window. Kamal tells Arun that if his daughter got even a scratch he will remove Arun’s name from Delhi.

Yohan returns home and Alisha hugs him. Veera asks Yohan if he was in any danger? Yohan remembers the last thing he did was drink with Shail. Shail wonders whether he should be happy that his brother returned or scared. Arun tells Yohan to get ready for marriage now and he can answer the questions later. Drishti comes to Yohan’s room and tells Yohan he never lied to their mother and today she wants him to be honest with her too. Drishti asks Yohan where was he and why did he leave? Yohan tells he is back and that is more important and they can discuss further after marriage. Drishti tells Yohan how could he think that she would stay happy by making him sad for life? Drishti tells she knows everything about his deal with dad. Yohan tells he cannot break his promise to his mother as he promised her to keep Drishti happy forever and this is the reason behind this marriage.

Yohan tells this marriage will bring happiness for him and his real happiness is in watching his sister happy. Drishti begs Yohan not to marry as she could never leave with the guilt. Yohan hugs Drishti and tells her to leave as he wants to get ready. Yohan gets ready and recalls Mahira telling him we can’t get away from something we love with all heart. Yohan tells after his marriage today he will loose all hopes of finding Mahira. Sejal gets ready as a bride and draws a cross on Yohan’s pic. Alisha tells on mic from a room that for her it was love at first sight with Yohan. The episode ends with Alisha telling she wrote her own destiny to marry Yohan today.

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