Spy Bahu 16th May 2022 Written Update: Sejal becomes Spy Bahu.

Spy Bahu 16th May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sejal entering dressed as a bride and pictures of her marrying Yohan displayed on screen. People start talking that Yohan married a servant. Sejal tells for people who don’t know me let me introduce myself and introduces herself as Yohan’s wife and asks Arun to bless his new daughter-in-law. Alisha tells Yohan how dare he marry a servant? Yohan tells why would he marry her and asks Sejal when did they marry? Flashback shows Sejal bringing Yohan to temple and tells SK and Tanhaji she knew they wouldn’t have let her work on this plan. Tanhaji tells he would have allowed her.

SK tells Sejal that after marriage the society won’t let you forget that you married a terrorist. Sejal recalls Yohan persuading Farid. Tanhaji tells to win over enemy we have to stay close to them. SK tells we have to find some other way to complete the mission. Sk tells Sejal to think carefully because there is no coming back from this step. Sejal prays to Ambe Maa to show her the right way. Wind blows and sindoor falls on Sejal’s head. Sejal tells till now she was just a spy but now it is time for her to become a Spy Bahu to complete her mission.

Sejal tells Yohan we married last night and tells Yohan you told me that you would Alisha the truth before marriage. Sejal tells Arun today I want to tell you the truth we never realized when we fell in love. Sejal tells Yohan to tell the truth because now we are married and now your family can separate us. Yohan tells what should I tell, that all this is a lie? Sejal tells all this is a truth and I know we hid our affair because you didn’t want to fight with your father but she tells Veera I thought maybe you would recognize our love. Sejal tells Yohan hired me back, kept me close me to himself.

Sejal tells Alisha you are the first person to notice the love brewing between us. Sejal tells why would Yohan save a servant? Save me from the false accusations of theft? Yoha tells he did all this for humanity and none of this proves there was something between us. Sejal tells Yohan there is a lot between us and tells why would I do all this from my mind? Sejal tells everyone of all the time Yohan protected and took her side. Yohan tells Sejal why is she doing all this,what does she need? Sejal tells didn’t you come to my house to give me this bangle and tell me I will get everything I want? Yohan tells I was a fool and I made a mistake to recognize you. Sejal tells Yohan how will out love be complete if you keep hiding the truth like this? Yohan tells what do you think people will believe you?

Sejal tells I broke my marriage with my best friend. Sejal tells I left my house by leaving my parents just a letter asking them to forgive me which the probably never will. Sejal tells she left everything for him and why would a girl lie about her marriage? Alisha’s father threatens Yohan. Yohan tells him to keep his threat for Arun Nanda who is scared of him. Sejal tells Yohan if he is telling the truth than prove that last night he was not with her. Arun slaps Yohan and tells this girl is not lying you are lying. Alisha looses her calm and breaks the mandap. Alisha picks up Yohan’s sword and tells today we will be one. Alisha attacks Sejal but Yohan holds the sword. The episode ends with blood from Yohan’s head filling Sejal’s maang.

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