Spy Bahu 19th September 2022 Written Update: Shalini is still alive

Spy Bahu 19th September 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Veera talking to Yohan and saying she is missing Aarti a lot and he is exactly same as her. She tells about all the wrong things happening at their home and Yohan recalls how each one is related to Veera from Farid dying, Drishti falling sick to again Shalini’s death. He keeps himself calm and Veera says how he is compromising and staying with dangerous Sejal for sake of his baby. Yohan tells Veera not to be overstressed as everyone gets back for their wrongdoings.

Ahana takes relaxing shower and thinks she is feeling nice after long. Once she comes outside she is shocked to see lights off and chair moving even when the window is close and fan is off. Suddenly blood drops falls on her. She screams and is shocked to see that on mirror its written that Shalini will come back to take her revenge. She also sees Shalini’s spirit and runs from room to call everyone being scared. Once Nandas come to her room, the mirror is already clean. Ahana thinks she cannot tell about revenge note and says she forgot what was written there.

Veera tells Ahana that she is stressed and should take proper rest. Ahana is still scared. Yohan and Sejal come back to their room and the lights cut off. Yohan tells her not to panic and he will check. Shalini’s spirit appears there. Then its revealed how Shalini had never died and was saved by Yohan and Sejal. Yohan says if they were little late last day she would really be a spirit now. Its shown how they had made Shalini wear a bullet proof jacket with pouch of liquid attached to it which appeared like blood when she was shot.

Shalini asked how did Arbaaz and Veera believe she was dead. Sejal explains that when she had given water to Shalini she had mixed a medicine which reduces heartbeat so when Arbaaz checked her pulsar he couldn’t find it. Later at incinerator place, Tanhaji had helped Yohan to remove Shalini and replace it with doll. Yohan tells all will be worthless if Ahana doesn’t spill the beans. Sejal says she definitely will as fear can make anyone fool. Yohan says he will leave Shalini to room.

Shalini enters room to find Krish there and hides quickly. He offers Shalini’s favourite flowers to her photo frame and says he misses her a lot. Later Shalini thinks how Krish actually values her so much and calls him best brother in law. At morning everyone is doing breakfast and Shalini peeks outside feeling hungry.

Ahana sees her and she acts like a spirit. Ahana being scared calls everyone but Shalini is not there. Veera scolds Ahana and tells her to focus on their last mission and not do any stupidity. Yohan and Sejal have a hearty conversation. The episode ends with Ahana being locked inside the basement with Shalini’s spirit.

Episode Ends.

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