Spy Bahu 1st June 2022 Written Update: Vyom gets arrested.

Spy Bahu 1st June 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Yohan telling Vyom tried to force himself on Sejal. Vyom tells Yohan you couldn’t do anything so I tried to punish her myself so what wrong did I do? Avishek tells this kind of people should be arrested and arrests Vyom. Alisha tells Vyom not to worry she will call their father. Yohan tells he would have killed Vyom if Avishek didn’t arrest him. Alisha tells you are getting so personal only because this is about Sejal. Alisha tells she knew Yohan would support Sejal so she told Shalini there is no use in planning all this. Yohan asks her if this was all her plan? Alisha tells yes this was Shalini’s plan.

Flashback shows Shalini making the plan with Alisha. Alisha tells Shalini convinced us for this plan. Yohan tells Shalini that he warned her that he would send them out of the house if they make a mistake. Yohan tells Shalini is responsible for all this trouble much more than Alisha and Vyom. Shail asks Yohan will he send his sister-in-law out of the house? Yohan tells Shail he selfish and didn’t even care for his own sister and never did the duty of a big brother and today you even forgot humanity.

Yohan tells now either he or Shalini will leave this house and tells Arun to decide which would be more beneficial for this. Arun tells Shalini she will have to leave Nanda mansion. Shail tells Arun even he will leave if Shalini has to leave. Arun shows them the gate and tells them both to leave. Veera tells Shalini how can she have such low thinking? Veera tells Alisha your brother has already been arrested and now you should leave too.

Drishti tells Yohan she will bring medicine for Sejal as she needs rest most now. Alisha tells Shalini the family didn’t support you once because you had did so much wrong with Sejal. Shalini tells she won’t get benefit for blaming her. Alisha tells Arun is still doing business under her father’s favour so will easily get reentry in the house. Shail and Shalini leave Nanda mansion.

Avishek tells today any girl could have been there in Sejal’s place even his own sister. Drishti tells she loves him as he did so much for a unknown girl so she knows he will never hurt her. Avishek thinks his truth will hurt her a lot as he will always be Farid Mirza, Mahira’s brother. Sejal thanks Yohan and tells she knows he hates her and still what he did for her last night requires a very big heart.

Yohan tells hatred should never be bigger than humanity. Sejal thinks on one hand he is a terrorist and on the other hand he makes me feel so safe how can one person have two sides. Saras tells Minal that Sejal will be left alone if leave here. Minal tells she is not going to stay for strangers here. Bamba texts Yohan that Minal is taking them back to Jamnagar. The episode ends with Yohan telling Sejal about Bamba’s text.

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