Spy Bahu 21st September 2022 Written Update: Ahana’s dirty game plan against Yohan

Spy Bahu 21st September 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sejal along with Drishti and Shalini trying to find something hidden in the puja materials which Veera is going to use for her plan but they fail. Yohan tries to call Sejal but due to heavy rain he faces network issues and drops a voicemail to Sejal about reaching the place safely to collect Ganesha idol. He asks if she found clues against Veera. Sejal asks Shalini to use metal detector which suddenly produces some noise.

Veera who is around asks what the sound is. Sejal lies that it was her alarm as its time for medicine. She thinks they cannot use metal detector in Veera’s presence or else she will have doubt. Shalini overhears Veera talking to someone to pack things well and send in a way that no one can doubt it. She informs the same to Sejal. Sejal talks to Harsh who informs her that Ahana has fled away and even her transmitter was found on the road. He tells Sejal to keep finding evidence at home and his team will try to find Ahana.

Yohan calls Sejal and he tells about his car getting damaged so he will stay the night at a hotel and come back in morning with the idol. Sejal asks him to take care. Priest brings materials for puja and Sejal tricks him to give it to her while see is checking them, Veera comes and asks what she is finding. Sejal tells she was just counting the number of materials needed. Veera thinks no one can find where she has hidden it. Later Sejal gets a video call from Yohan who has caught cold. He says his booking in hotel got cancelled and he had to find another one.

Sejal tells him she has been feeling uneasy. Someone knocks on Yohan’s room door. The videocall gets disconnected. Sejal keeps trying to reach Yohan but cannot. Ahana comes to Yohan’s room and recalls how she paid the waiter to take soup mixed with drugs to fall unconscious. Yohan tells her to stay away but he falls unconscious. Ahana says she had waited a long time for this day. She kisses and makes scratches on Yohan’s body and get closer to him as he is lying unconscious.

Veera goes to basement and thinks how she had hidden the weapon for blast inside necklace. She opens the beads and takes out poisonous camphor from it. She says the poisonous smoke from it will kill everyone once it’s lit tomorrow during puja. She calls it her master stroke and thinks Sejal can never decode it. Everyone gets ready for puja and are waiting for Yohan to come with murti. He comes there and Sejal does the aarti.

While changing his kurta Yohan notices the marks on his body and faintly remembers about Ahana. Sejal comes there and tells him how she was feeling uneasy as her mangalsutra broke. The episode ends with Sejal noticing the nails mark on his hand and questions him but Yohan struggles to answers.

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