Spy Bahu 24th May 2022 Written Update: Sejal tries to find a way inside the secret room.

Spy Bahu 24th May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sejal finding the secret room but gets stopped by Avishek before she can enter the room. Avishek tells he always thought that these big houses had secret door. Avishek tells that Drishti told him Yohan keeps something hidden here so have you came here to take something for him? Sejal tells yes Yohan sent him but maybe he won’t like if I open the door in front of you.

Avishek tells the police inside me doesn’t like any secret and tells we are both outsiders in this mansion and the people here don’t like us so we should start our friendship with this secret door. Avishek tells in childhood me and my sister used to find such places. Flashback shows Mahira playing with Farid. Sejal asks if his sister is in Delhi? Flashback shows the terrorists killing Mahira’s family. Avishek tells his sister passed away when she was small. Sejal apologises and excuses herself.

Sejal comes to Yohan’s room to find the keys to door. Yohan tells Sejal what is she doing in his room? Sejal tells that now this is our room. Yohan tells he doesn’t want to waste time on her and today he will show her what being a Nanda’s daughter-in-law is. Yohan calls Tarun a makeup artist to do Sejal’s makeover.

Sejal tells Yohan since when did he start caring about her so much and she can get ready herself. Yohan tells Tarun to make sure she doesn’t do anything herself. Sejal wonders how will he find the keys. Saras is packing gifts and tells Bambe to check on Minal and Baa. Minal comes and tells she knew that father and son are hiding something. Bambe tells they were just packing some gifts of Sejal’s liking. Minal tells the insult done that day wasn’t enough?

Minal tells did he forget she told us we are poor and we have nothing we could give her. Bambe says my sister cannot say anything like this. Minal tells him to shut up and says Sejal doesn’t care about our emotions or gift anymore. Saras tells Minal this much anger is not good. Tarun finishes doing Sejal’s makeover. Sejal starts looking for keys inside Yohan’s cupboard. Sejal is about to look at Mahira’s picture in Yohan’s cupboard but Yohan comes and tells her to step back.

Yohan is about to shout at her but is suprised looking at her. Sejal tries to walk away but trips and Yohan hold her. Yohan stares at Sejal and her hiccups starts. Yohan warna Sejal to stay away from his cupboard in future. Sejal finds a bunch of keys and think one of them might be of the secret room. Shalini tells Shail that Sejal is very clever and we should become friends with her. Shail tells Shalini to be careful of her.

Shalini praises Sejal and tells today her style is matching the Nanda’s. Sejal tells Shalini she is here because she has realised that her advantage is in being friends with her. Shalini tells two greedy people can understand each other very well so we should become a team and divide everything equally among us.

Sejal declines her offer and tells soon this business will belong to her husband so there is no advantage for her. Shalini tells Sejal not to forget where did she come from. Sejal tells she wants all of them to remember where she came from. Media waits for Sejal at the reception party. Servant brings a parcel for Sejal. Sejal’s opens it and finds a saree.

Flashback shows Sejal telling Minal that the saree is very beautiful. Minal tells that her mother gave it to her on her wedding. Sejal tells even she would wear this saree on her wedding. Sejal gets emotional and tells she knew she will always have her parents blessings. The episode ends with Sejal coming to the reception dressed in her mother’s saree.

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