Spy Bahu 25th May 2022 Written Update: Yohan brings Alisha to the reception.

Spy Bahu 25th May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sejal entering the reception dressed in her mother’s saree. Flashback shows Saras telling if Sejal wears this saree he will get proof that Sejal has not changed and still values old things and old relations and after that he will have Minal forgive her. Saras gets glad and leaves. Sejal tells she will go on stage once Yohan comes. Arun tells he shouldn’t have trusted Yohan a bit. Veera asks Drishti to talk with Yohan and ask where is he. Sejal wonders where Yohan is. Yohan enters the reception on bike with Alisha. The media starts talking about Yohan’s entry and him not being with his wife. Yohan goes on the stage with Alisha and tells you are the one who deserves to be my life partner. Alisha tells we loved each other yesterday also and today also and if anyone has a problem with it they can go to hell. Sejal tells by shouting like this they can only show lie not true love. Yohan tells now liars will talk about love. Yohan and Alisha dance closely together in front of Sejal.

The guests starts talking that it seems Yohan loves Alisha so how did he end up Sejal? The guests talk among themselves that Sejal might have trapped Yohan for his marriage. The guests tells her parents might have taught her to trap rich boys and not care what they do after marriage. Flashback shows Yohan asking Alsiha to help him in teaching a lesson to Sejal. Alisha tells him she would do anything for him and talk with her dad. Alisha tells Arun that he can consider her his unofficial daughter-in-law. Yohan tells that today the guests came here to give him good wishes but instead they should that he gets separated from his wife soon because after that Alisha would become the daughter-in-law of this house. Yohan tells Alisha would stay in Nanda house only from today like a daughter-in-law,like my wife. Sejal tells Yohan she might be wrong in his eyes. Yohan tells Sejal not to forget she did this marriage for money so you are responsible for you insult today. The guests tell it is the mistake of her parents that gave her such upbringing to trap rich boys. Yohan tells Sejal to get used to such insult now. Sejal leaves the party crying.

Yohan tells Arun now he showed Sejal her true place and finished the fight with Mr. Kapoor too. Arun hugs Yohan and tells finally he proved he is his most worthy son. Bambe tells Minal still loves Sejal a lot and he will tell Sejal about it. Bamba leaves the house with his bag. Sejal walks on the road crying thinking about all the taunts she received at the reception. Sejal tells Ambe Maa she hates this money and jewelleries and today her parents got insulted for it,how could she ever ask forgiveness from her parents. Sejal dials her home and Minal picks up the call. Minal gets emotional but then remembers the harsh words Sejal told her and cuts the call. Saras calls Sejal and tells he knows for sure that she is acting to insult and hurt them and that’s why he sent the saree for her. Saras asks Sejal to tell him what is the matter but she cuts his call.

Bambe is walking alone on the road at night and some bad guys start following him. Bambe falls down in front of Yohan’s car while running but luckily Yohan stops the car just in time. SK comes to Sejal and consoles her. Sejal tells she told such bitter words to her parents that it will leave a wound on their hearts forever. SK tells Sejal she had to hide her mission but he is telling her if she wants she can tell the truth about your marriage to her parents. Sejal tells that if she told the truth to her parents they will try to help her but she cannot risk their life. SK tells you have made yourself alone and married a terrorist and got away from your parents for their safety. Sejal tells this is not just about my brother but about innocent people who are afraid of the blasts and terrorists like Yohan Nanda who stay hidden. The episode ends with Sejal telling she will leave Nanda mansion only after Yohan goes to jail.

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