Spy Bahu 27th June 2022 Written Update: Yohan plans a surprise for Sejal’s birthday.

Spy Bahu 27th June 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sejal thinking she just needs one evidence to prove that Avishek is Farid. Yohan surprises Sejal and wishes her Happy Birthday Sejal. Sejal is surprised to find Yohan took her correct name. Minal wishes Sejal and she rushes to hug her and her father. Drishti tells Sejal to have a look at her cake.

Sejal is surprised to find her favourite sweets. Veera tells Yohan did all this preparations for her as he wanted to make her birthday special. Sejal cuts cake and her mother tells her to feed Yohan first. Sejal feeds the cake to Yohan and Keh Do Na plays in BM. Sejal gives the cake to Arun but he tells too much sweet feels bitter. Veera apologises to Minal.

Avishek wishes Sejal Happt Birthday and thinks soon her future will be over. Minal tells Arun she apologises for whatever happened between them in past and for our children we should forget the past. Arun tells first only Sejal was greedy but now her parents are greedy too. Minal tells what Sejal did for Yohan was not for greed. Arun tells all this goodness is for greed of money.

Veera apologieses to Minal on Arun’s behalf. Minal tells sandalwood’s scent spreads slowly and Arun will accept Sejal soon as no one can stay upset with her daughter for long. Sejal asks Minal did she forgive her?

Minal takes Sejal aside and tells her she knows everything about her mission,her sacrifice and pain she went through for her brother and country. Minal tells she realized blood might be proof of relations but the guarantee of the relationship comes only from heart. Sejal thinks blood is proof of relations and DNA will prove Avishek is Farid and finally be able to prove Yohan is innocent.

Yohan stares at Sejal and thinks he wants to stay with her and give his marriage a chance but what does she want? Sejal thinks all she wants is to prove Yohan innocent and walk away from his life. Sejal asks Yohan did he have any work? Yohan asks Sejal is her hand okay?

Sejal thanks Yohan for respecting her parents and her birthday surprise. Yohan tells Sejal she misses Jamnagar a lot so he has another surprise for her tomorrow. Sejal asks Yohan today he did so much for her and he is taking her name correctly why so?

Yohan tells these days it is his favorite name Sejal,it seems new everytime he takes the name and feels relaxing. Yohan tells Sejal to lie down her hand is hurt so he will put the quilt for her. Veera tells Minal that Sejal has turned Nanda mansion into a beautiful house. Minal thanks Veera for accepting Sejal as her daughter-in-law.

Veera tells even she is a mother. Sejal thinks these new relations are so beautiful but how will they feel when they find out the truth about her and Avishek. Sejal tells she has prepared SheerKurma specially for everyone. Flashback shows Farid asking more from her mother and Mahira offers him to eat her share. Sejal serves it to Avishek and thinks today she is giving the sweet to her brother but not with love but with intention of collecting his DNA.

Avishek thinks today on Mahira’s birthday he got sheerkurma but from someone else and wishes she was with him. Avishek gets startled by Sejal and hurts his hand from the broke piece of glass bowl. Sejal gets worried for Avishek and rushes for first aid. Yohan tells Sejal reacts this way even if I get hurt. The episode ends with Yohan telling even Avishek is like Sejal’s brother.

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