Spy Bahu 30th May 2022 Written Update: Alisha tries to kill Sejal.

Spy Bahu 30th May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sejal returning home and thinking about lying to her father. Sejal recalls insulting her parents and sits down crying and apologises to them for hurting them so much. Sejal finds the file of delegates coming to Nanda mansion under the bed and reads it. Alisha attacks Sejal from behind and suffocates her with a plastic bag. Sejal struggles to break free as Alisha tells she won’t let Sejal leave. Saras thinks of all the insults Sejal did while walking on road and gets hit by a truck. Saras falls on the ground and bleeds heavily and people around call the ambulance.

Sejal hits Alisha and falls on the bed. Flashback shows Sejal learning to control her breathe underwater during training. Alisha thinks Sejal is unconscious and she would stay so till lunch and leaves. Sejal wakes up after Alisha leaves and calls SK. Sejal tells him about the delegates coming to Nanda mansion. Yohan and Arun welcome the guests to Nanda mansion as Sejal tells about them to SK.

Mr. Shah tells Arun he is a Gujrati and he would be glad if someone of Indian culture has good progress. Arun tells all the delegates lets have lunch. Alisha comes and tells Yohan now she is going to impress everyone. Alisha tells they wouldn’t find such exotic menu even in any hotel. Alisha presents them with many foreign dishes. Yohan asks Mr. Shah if he didn’t like the food?

Mr. Shah tells where is this smell coming from? Yohan tells this smell is of desi ghee. Sejal comes in and greets everyone. Arun tells Alisha you were to take care of Sejal. Sejal tells she has prepared Samosas and Gulab jamun for everyone. Alisha tells our guests won’t eat oily food.

Sejal tells this is not oil, it is ghee and there is a reason behind it that we use ghee while doing puja of our God we Nanda’s believe that guests are like God to us. Sejal serves Samosa and Kachori to everyone. Sejal gets a call from unknown number but she rejects it. Nurse tells the doctor that Saras’s emergency contact Sejal is not picking up the call. Mr. Shah praises the food and tells he hasn’t ate such tasty food in long time.

Alisha tells the food was lovely but it can be easily cooked but she has special gifts for everyone. Alisha tells these are the rarest crystals found only in India and true Indian heritage and gives the showpieces to all the delegates. Sejal tells but the gifts have Made in China written on all of them. Sejal tells this is not Indian heritage but chinese product. Sejal tells the delegates not to get angry and don’t consider it a lie but her innocence,she may have been fooled by the shopkeepers. Sejal tells she has gifts for all of them which cannot be found in any marketplace. Sejal gives them homemade hampere with ghee,honey and achaar.

Mr. and Mrs. Shah praise Sejal for her gifts. Mr. Shah tells Sejal she still hasn’t introduced herself. Sejal tells she is Sejal Nanda,Yohan’s wife and youngest daughter-in-law of this house. Mr. Shah asks if you are his wife who is Alisha? Sejal tells Alisha is Yohan’s childhood friend and Yohan is like her brother. Alisha is about to speak but Yohan silences her and asks Mr. Shah what did he think about investment?

Mr. Shah praises Sejal and tells he is impressed by her so they will finalise the deal. Mrs. Shah tells Yohan he is lucky to find a wife like Sejal and tells Alisha to learn to impress people from her. Sejal thinks she has placed the audio devices in all the hampers successfully. Veera thanks Sejal for the deal as her food and behavior impressed the guests. Sejal thanks Veera for accepting her efforts and tells everyone to try the Gulab Jamun’s.

Shalini tells Veera that Sejal is blackmailing us and still you thanked her? Veera tells today the deal was done for Sejal and she is Yohan’s wife. Veera tells that if Sejal is taking care of this family even for money I don’t have any problem with it and very soon you will have to accept it too. The episode ends with nurse telling Sejal that Saras has met a very serious accident.

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