Spy Bahu 4th July 2022 Written Update: Yohan’s life is in danger

Spy Bahu 4th July 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Sejal telling Yohan that she wants to tell him all the truths about herself specially about her Fareed Bhai. She hears whistling sound. Sejal closes her eyes and recalls her and Fareed Bhai’s childhood memories. Sejal sees Fareed Infront of her. She takes his name. Fareed says that Mahira has lost today also, as he himself has come Infront of her. Fareed says that she was Infront of his eyes since long but he could not recognise his Mahira. Sejal asks how Fareed recognised her today.

Fareed says that he had noticed changed in Sejal’s behaviour after seeing the mark on his hand, her restlessness after seeing blood in his hand, Sejal and Mahira’s birthday on same day, Sejal making sheer korma, enquiring about his bandage all these could not be mere coincidences. Fareed says that he wanted to know why Sejal did all these so he let her take his DNA samples. He shows Sejal the DNA report. Fareed says that he got hold of the report before Sejal. They cry and hug each other. Fareed says that everyone told him that his Mahira is dead but he kept his faith as he didn’t see her dying.

Sejal says that she tried a lot to find him, beared the same pain as Fareed. He questions Sejal why she wanted to meet Yohan instead of him after getting the DNA report, whether she wanted to expose him, bring death for him, cheat him. Sejal asks Fareed to answer for the cheating he is giving to his country, deaths of innocent souls. She says that Fareed wanted to kill Sejal as well as his wife dristi in Mumbai attack, shot her husband. According to Sejal he has no right to question her. Sejal says that she feels ashamed to call Fareed her brother.

Fareed says that he did everything for his own people. Sejal replies that those who killed their parents came from the other side of the border. Fareed says the weapons were supplied by Nanda industry whom Sejal is supporting now. Sejal says that Fareed got manipulated. Fareed says that Sejal’s husband Yohan Nanda is their biggest enemy, he stops the kids of Kashmir from joining their troops, distanced Mahira from him. Fareed says it will be the last day for Yohan. Yohan sits in his car, a goon chloroformed him. Sejal asks Fareed what he is up to. Fareed says that he will release Sejal from her sindoor.

Sejal asks about Yohan’s whereabouts. She asks him to stay away from Yohan. She calls Yohan but finds his phone switched off. She starts panicking. She pleads to know about Yohan. He says that he has left some clues for Sejal to solve a riddle, if she solves the riddle she will find Yohan or else she will get his dead body. Sejal says that she won’t let anything happen to Yohan. Fareed says that if Sejal doesn’t expose him, he will give Sejal the clue.

Sejal says that she won’t tell anyone anything about him. Fareed gives the clue, Sejal runs to save Yohan. Yohan is seen hanging with the help of a rope, goon puts cloth in his mouth and builds a structure before him. Sejal reaches home and starts looking for the evidence. She prays to God for help. She keep brainstorming and realises that the answer is bird and spots a bird statue. She finds the next clue inside it. She finds a poster of water park and gets answer of second riddle. She rushes for the swimming pool. Fareed returns home. Sejal jumps into the pool and searches for the clue. The episode ends.

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