Spy Bahu 6th July 2022 Written Update: Shalini’s changed behaviour leaves everyone shocked

Spy Bahu 6th July 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Yohan deciding the place of baby’s crib in his room, Sejal asks him what is he doing. He tells once Drishti’s baby is born, he will always keep the baby with him. He even says baby will learn to speak Mama first and not Ma, Sejal asks what if baby learns Mami first. Yohan tells its not possible as she will be leaving before baby comes. Sejal feels upset. Sejal teases Yohan about kids urinating whole day.

Sejal and Yohan share a cute moment when Yohan says they should take evil eyes off his wife as she has been going through lot for him. Sejal feels emotional. Everyone gets shocked hearing aarti early morning and go to hall. They find Shalini dressed traditionally and doing prayers.

Shalini turns around and everyone cannot control their laughter. She tells everyone that after fasting she is feeling changed. She talks to each one sweetly and tells Sejal from now on they will not be sister in laws but like sisters. She asks Yohan for forgiveness. Yohan tells her mouth will start paining due to over sweetness and laughs.

Shalini tells now she will behave well with all. Everyone wonders if they are dreaming. She tells Goddess came in her dreams and said to worship her due to all the troubles falling on their family. Abhishek (Farid) gives ointment to Drishti, he also tells Veera that he has already ordered new clothes for the baby. Veera tells its inauspicious to order new clothes. She tells she has kept the hand woven clothes by her and Aarti of Yohan, Drishti and Shalini and their child should wear those if he allows.

Drishti feels emotional and says her baby will definitely wear them. Sejal overhears them and wonder if Farid is really changing because of the baby. She sees Farid eavesdropping and intentionally acts on phone to talk to her boss about finding information about one who was in Mumbai attacks.

Veera gets shocked to see Shalini in kitchen and asks where are all the servants. Shalini says she gave them leave and she will be cooking for everyone. She tells she has planned to cook healthy food for Drishti including a long list and asks what she should start with. Shalini tells to make moong dal halwa as its first sonography day for Drishti.

Sejal wonders how to leave the house as Yohan has increased the security and told no one can leave without bodyguards. Yohan is taking shower and she enters mistakenly, both get wet and spend some romantic moments. Drishti comes and laughs at their situation and tells about going for sonography.

Farid fools Drishti and goes out. Sejal sits insides the dustbin and goes outside the house. Yohan feels elated seeing sonography of Drishti. Meanwhile the episode ends with Farid getting shocked seeing Sejal waiting for him at the site.

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