Spy Bahu 7th June 2022 Written Update: Terrorists attack hotel Chapel.

Spy Bahu 7th June 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sejal searching for Yohan and thinking she made a mistake by letting him go. Yohan finds a girl by the swimming pool and helps her get her ball from the pool. The little girl tells Yohan her name is Mahira and her parents don’t care for her and they just think about the new baby. Yohan recalls his memories with Mahira from childhood.

Yohan tells Mahira that he felt same like her but later that baby became his best friend his younger sister. Mahira’s mother is searching for her daughter and Sejal helps her in looking for her. Mahira and her mother recognize Yohan and Sejal as the couple who won the dance competition and requests Sejal to put the ring on Yohan’s finger. Sejal and Yohan can’t deny the little girls request and she makes Yohan wear the ring.

Yohan gets a call and Sejal thinks she will check Yohan’s bag for the list of attack today. Sejal hears gunshot and informs SK that the attack was planned at her hotel. SK tells Sejal to find a safe place to hide till they reach with force. Avishek and the terrorists start killing people. One terrorist asks Avishek if someone has to be spared from the attacks? Avishek recalls his moments with Drishti and tells not to spare anyone and kill whoever resists. Yohan gets worried about Drishti and looks around for her. Sejal finds the old couple and tells them to hide in a safe place. The old man tells he cannot walk and asks his wife to hide with Sejal but his wife tells she won’t leave him alone. Sejal finds a wheelchair and escorts them to a room. Sejal tells them to stay inside the room till police comes and she cannot stay hidden as more people need her help.

Sejal thinks she has to find Yohan if she wants to stop the attacks. Sejal finds Yohan helping a young boy and wonders if Yohan is really behind the attacks. Terrorists throw a smoke bomb and Yohan takes the boy to a safe corner. Yohan tells the kid not to worry and hide behind the sofas if any bad guys come. Sejal wonders why is Yohan pretending to save people after planning the attack himself. SK tells the forces about their spy inside and they prepare to intervene. Sejal hears shooting in the corridor and enters a dark room.

Avishek comes shooting towards the room and Sejal gets inside the cupboard. Sejal gets scared recalling her past when she sat inside the cupboard as Mahira. Sejal recalls SK telling her that today she has to be brave and stop this attack for the sake of her parents and Sejal tries to gather courage. Avishek enters the room and looks around for people. The episode ends with Avishek standing outside the cupboard.

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