Spy Bahu 9th May 2022 Written Update: Yohan asks Sejal to be his friend.

Spy Bahu 9th May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Saras scolding Sejal for breaking his trust. Saras told Sejal he always trusted her but she broke his trust by enduring the harsh treatment of Nanda’s and not telling him anything about it. Minal tells Saras that she needs to have a word with Sejal. Minal shames Sejal for choosing Yohan as he is rich. Sejal swears on God and tells she hates Yohan. Minal heats the pincers and tries to burn the ‘Y’ imprinted on Sejal’s hand but stops. Sejal hugs Minal crying and tells her she shall never break their trust if she wasn’t bound by certain circumstances. At Nanda house, Yohan thinks of every time Sejal reminded him of Mahira. Drishti comes and expresses her guilt for not being able to apologize to Sejal.

Drishti tells Yohan she has noticed that nowadays he is always protecting Sejal. Yohan visits Sejal’s family the next day and apologizes to Minal. He also apologizes to Sejal and requests her to be his friend. He returns her bangle and tells someone on call to collect money from his house. A man heads towards the Nanda house with a bomb in his bag. Farid meets Yohan. Sejal’s Sangeet ceremony begins and suddenly her phone beeps. She watches the recording as shot by the spy camera and notices Farid collecting money from Yohan. Sejal informs this to Tanhaji and he fits a tracker on Farid’s bike.

Sejal escapes her Sangeet and Minal gets shocked noticing Sejal is not at home. Sejal dresses up in Burkha and follows Farid. Farid stops at the signal and Sejal turns off the tracker because her phone’s battery was about to die. A balloon man comes and Sejal gets distracted. Farid escapes and someone who is dressed the same as Farheed stands next to Sejal. Sejal takes him as Farid and follows him. She follows that man in the city and gives every minute detail of his whereabouts to Tanhaji and Suryakant. Sejal is following Farid and informs Tanhaji and SK sir. SK tells Sejal to keep an eye on him as his bag might have bomb and they will reach there soon with police and bomb squad. Sejal tells this time she won’t let her brother be taken away from her and asks Tanhaji to hurry. Farid gets in a public bus. The episode ends with Sejal running towards the bus.

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