Spy Bahu: Sejal and Yohan come closer?

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Colors TV show Spy Bahu is cure reflecting the struggle of Sejal to choose between her family and her country. While she has already discovered Farid being the terrorist and involved in Mumbai attacks but she helpless and cannot reveal the truth as he threatens to harm her in laws.

In the previous episode Sejal and Yohan had cute banter about Drishti’s child. However Yohan said Sejal she will be gone before child comes which made her upset. Later family members were shocked seeing Shalini’s changed behaviour.

She acted extra sweet and caring towards everyone which made all of them amused. Later Farid said Veera that he had ordered new clothes for baby however Veera told its in auspicious and baby should wear old clothes. Sejal said she will return the parcel back.

Sejal wondered if Farid was really melting because of the child and made a plan to discover the truth. Yohan increased the security at home and said no family members should leave without bodyguards.

Sejal wondered how she will be leaving the house. Yohan and Sejal accidentally spent some romantic moments together under the shower and Yohan showed his concern about her safety. Sejal managed to sneak out inside the dustbin.

In the upcoming episodes we will see face off between Farid and Sejal, Sejal will tell him that now its his turn to get shocked. How will Farid counter attack?

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