Spy Bahu: Sejal meets her parents?

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Spy Bahu on colors tv is at interesting turn where Sejal who is happily enjoying her godh bharai ritual will be poisoned by Ahana. How will Yohan save his wife and unborn child?

In the previous episode Yohan and Sejal both thought about the recent events. Ahana told Veera that she wants to kill Sejal’s baby. But Veera warned her against it as this will turn Yohan more sympathetic towards Sejal. Veera met Yohan and provoked him reminding him about Sejal’s past. Veera also made him feel sympathy towards Mahira and Yohan said that once baby is born, he will leave Sejal and marry Mahira.

Everyone danced happily during Godh Bharai ritual. Ahana mixed medicine in the sweets to harm Sejal and her unborn child. Arun told to start the ritual. Veera blessed the baby to be healthy. While Arun wished its a baby boy.

Yohan taunted him for his regressive mindset. There was a ritual to be done by Sejal’s mother. She asked Yohan if he has informed her parents that she is alive. Yohan recalled how Minal had slapped him and blamed him for Sejal’s death. Yohan made Sejal eat the laddoo in which Ahana had mixed medicine.

In the upcoming episodes Minal and Saras will come to meet Sejal and will get shocked to find her falling unconscious after spitting blood. What will Sejal’s parents doing seeing her in such a condition? Will Sejal be safe?

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