Spy Bahu Weekly Update: Sejal decides to reveal the truth to Yohan.

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Colors TV show Spy Bahu revolving around Sejal and her journey with Yohan, is taking yet another interesting turns with new faces coming in their lives, will their relationship become stable or will they face yet another push back?

Sejal tells that she is failing in her mission because of her brother. Minal tells Sejal that this is your humanity and your brother was not always a terrorist,so for you he is still your innocent brother. Minal tells Mahira you found us so you became Sejal and who knows where your brother grew up and who his parents are. Sejal thinks about Shera and tells memories are important. Yohan tells Bamba that Sejal has went out and we need to finish decorating before she returns. Bamba tells only the balloons will take time. Yohan sits with Bamba to blow air into balloons. Sejal comes to Shera’s house and asks him about Avishek’s childhood. Shera asks is everything okay why suddenly is she asking about him? Sejal tells now that Avishek is going to stay with us so it would be better if she knows more about him.

Drishti mocks Yohan people break moon for their love and you are blowing air in balloons. Bamba tells that they forgot about greeting cards. Shera tells Sejal that he adopted Avishek when he was fifteen. Shera tells he was in Kashmir and Avishek risked his life to save him and later he found out that his family left him for some disease so I adopted him and that was the best decision of my life. Sejal fakes coughing and asks for water. Sejal starts looking for stuffs in Avishek’s room but finds nothing. Shera tells that Avishek donated all his stuff to orphanage because he is shifting to Nanda house. Yohan sits down to write in the greeting card and thinks he has learned to write contracts and cheques but no one taught him to write his feelings. Yohan writes that he he wants to say so much but whenever he tries to write he goes blank, he feels he is loosing control and has started liking Sejal a lot. Yohan thinks he will tell Sejal about his feelings and ask her to stay forever but remembers Sejal telling him she wants divorce and tears the card.

Sejal is surprised with the decorations like her home and thanks Minal. Minal tells today all this was done by Yohan himself with his own wish. Saras tells Yohan that you and Sejal have been through so much together and thanks Yohan for everything he has done for her. Saras tells he is glad that someone other than him loves Sejal so much. Yohan stammers and tells she is his wife and it was her birthday so it was to be celebrated. Saras tells no matter how much he hides,his love for Sejal is reflecting on his face so why is he hiding? Sejal tells Minal to understand all this is her guilt and Yohan would never love a cheater like her who just used him. Saras tells Yohan does he wants to keep his love hidden or tell her and give your relationship with Sejal a new chance? Minal tells Sejal that meet Yohan today not as a spy but as his wife and take the risk. Sejal decides to tell the truth to Yohan and accept whatever he decides after that. Yohan thinks he will have a new start with Sejal by telling her about his feelings. Yohan and Sejal stare at each other as Keh Do Na plays in BM.
Yohan wishes Sejal a happy birthday. He says that he wants to know everything about her. He adds that he also wants to tell about him as a relation should be based on the truth. He tells her about his first childhood love in Kashmir. He says that he used to go to Kashmir every year for vacations and he met her during a vacation. She became his best friend then lover. He says that he wanted to meet her once, but couldn’t as her family become victim of a terrorist attack. The body of that girl and her brother couldn’t be found. He started the mission of Kashmir because of her. Sejal asks what’s her name. Yohan says Mahira Mirza. Sejal stands shocked and remembers meeting the child Yohan when she was a kid. Yohan shows Sejal Mahira’s photo. He says that she used to call him cuckoo. Sejal remembers the same and realizes that Yohan is her childhood friend and she failed to recognize him. She thinks that she only considered him as friend. Yohan says that today is Mayira’s birthday too. Sejal thinks that he still remembers her birthday, but she forget him due her life’s problems. Yohan says that he used to celebrate Mahira’s birthday every year, but this time he wants to celebrate Sejal’s birthday and wants to share her joy and sorrow. He hopes that Mahira will be happy with this. He says that only his mother and Drishti were aware of it, but he wants to share his secret with her too. Sejal cries. Yohan asks why she’s crying, if he hurt her. Sejal is about to say that she’s Mahira, but Bomba and Drishti’s arrival interrupts their talk. Sejal leaves with Bomba.

Sejal walks remembering Yohan and her childhood moments. She controls her emotions and thinks that she should focus on getting Farid’s DNA. Farid is in call with someone and says that Yohan and Sejal will die today. Sejal comes to the hall. All looks at her. All praises Sejal’s look. Sejal thanks Yohan for all his efforts to make her birthday special. Yohan and Sejal share an eyelock during the game. Sejal recalls Yohan’s confession about his first love. Yohan picks the kerchief and wins. Sejal’s mother brings the bowl filled with chits. She adds a chit in the bowl. In Sejal’s chit is written that the one who will lose has to kiss the one who will win. Yohan says that Sejal can change the chit if she wants. Sejal moves closer to Yohan and kisses his cheek. Yohan and Sejal stare at each other.

Minal says that this is Sejail’s first fasting for her husband. Shalini says that she doesn’t believe in all this. Sejal says that it depends upon one’s belief. Other ladies of the house also decide to keep fasting. Yohan wonders that Sejal wants to leave him, but fast for him. Sejal gets her applied her mehndi. She explains Drishti when and how to end fasting. She thinks of calling to the hospital to know about the DNA report. She turns and finds Yohan. He asks why she is fasting for him when she’s going to leave him after six months. He asks if she’s not having a change of heart. Sejal says that she fulfill the duties until she’s in this marriage. Yohan says that she will value him till the validity period then she doesn’t care about him. Sejal says that Mahira’s prayers will be with him for always even though she’s not with him. Yohan asksif she’s not bothered that Mahira is in her life. Sejal says that she doesn’t bothered as she doesn’t love him. She says that he needs a good and truthful wife and not a fake and greedy wife. She leaves. Sejal thinks that he broke his hope so that he doesn’t suffer in the future.

Yohan is confused about Sejal’s feelings for him. Bamba brings sweets for Yohan. He refuses to have it giving the excuse of stomachache. Bamba understands that Yohan is also fasting for Sejal. Yohan asks to not say it to anyone. Sejal is decorating the swing. She wonders why she hasn’t get any call from the hospital yet. Yohan comes to Sejal and helps her to decorate the swing. Yohan feels dizzy and is about to fall. Sejal holds him. Minal and Bamba come to them seeing this. Yohan says to Minal that his foot slipped. Minal asks Sejal to hold the swing properly and leaves. Sejal asks how his foot can slip when she is holding the swing correctly. Bamba is about to spill that Yohan is fasting. Yohan feeds sweets to shut him. Sejal asks if he is fasting for her. Yohan denies. Sejal gets water for him and asks him to drink. Bamba spills that he is fasting. Sejal gets happy hearing this and feels special. Minal asks Sejal about Yohan fasting for her. Sejal feeds water to Yohan. Yohan is about to feed water to Sejal, but a leaf falls in the water. Yohan goes to get new water for her. Sejal receives message from the hospital to collect the DNA report. She thinks that Fareed is busy with family so it’s the best time to get the report and leaves. Yohan comes back with water and doesn’t find Sejal. He wonders where Sejal has gone.

Sejal sees the DNA reports and confirms that Abhishek is Fareed and he is the terrorist and not Yohan. She decides to tell Yohan the truth. She says that after that their relation will end. She cries. Yohan calls Sejal and asks where she’s. Sejal says that she wants to tell him all truth about her. He doesn’t hear her voice clearly. She asks him to meet to come to the construction place in industrial area. Yohan agrees to come.
Sejal comes to the location and says that she’s going to tell all truth about her especially about Fareed. Sejal is shocked seeing Fareed there.

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