Spy Bahu Weekly Update: Veera Nanda is finally exposed & arrested.

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This week in colors tv popular show Spy Bahu, on one hand Sejal won by defeating Veera but Yohan landed in jail because of Ahana. Lets read further to find what else happened during this week. Yohan tells Veera not to be overstressed as everyone gets back for their wrongdoings.

Ahana takes relaxing shower and thinks she is feeling nice after long. Suddenly blood drops falls on her. She screams and is shocked to see that on mirror its written that Shalini will come back to take her revenge. She also sees Shalini’s spirit and runs from room to call everyone being scared. Once Nandas come to her room, the mirror is already clean.

Yohan and Sejal come back to their room and the lights cut off. Shalini’s spirit appears there. Then its revealed how Shalini had never died and was saved by Yohan and Sejal. Its shown how they had made Shalini wear a bullet proof jacket with pouch of liquid attached to it which appeared like blood when she was shot.

Sejal explains that when she had given water to Shalini she had mixed a medicine which reduces heartbeat so when Arbaaz checked her pulsar he couldn’t find it. Later at incinerator place, Tanhaji had helped Yohan to remove Shalini and replace it with doll.

At morning everyone is doing breakfast and Shalini peeks outside feeling hungry. Ahana sees her and she acts like a spirit. Ahana being scared calls everyone but Shalini is not there. Ahana reaches basement and Shalini starts making her scared. She tries to escape but finds room door closed. Shalini acts like spirit and warns Ahana that she will take her revenge.

Yohan comes to Ahana and gives her medicine. Ahana tells him not to leave her alone as Shalini’s spirit keeps haunting her as soon as she closes her eyes. He convinces Ahana to rest and leaves from the room. Shalini comes to Ahana’s room dressed in manjulika attire. Ahana wakes up and finds her hands locked with the bed.

She screams being afraid. Its shown how Yohan and Sejal are instructing Shalini to do everything. Yohan lifts the bed up making Ahana more scared. Being afraid Ahana tells about the attack on Ganesh Chaturthi planned by Sir ji at Nanda Mansion. Shalini asks again who is Sirji and Ahana says its Veera Nanda. Yohan lifts her bed down again. She runs away from room calling Veera.

Yohan and Sejal get the recording of Ahana’s confession and thinks to submit it to police once they catch Veera red handed. Krish, Arun and Veera return back home. Veera asks Sejal if Drishti and Mahira slept. Sejal tells Mahira was with them.

Veera says she was resting at home as she had fever. Sejal tells she wasn’t in room when she took food earlier. Veera wonders where did Ahana go. Arun says that one who are making idol for Ganesh chaturthi cannot come to deliver it because of rain. Yohan says he will go and bring it. Yohan and Sejal pretend to argue which makes Veera happy.

Sejal tells Yohan to be careful and feels worried as he will be driving alone at rainy night. Yohan asks her to take care and leaves. Sejal’s mangalsutra breaks and she feels uneasy. Drishti comes there and thanks Sejal for making her health better.

Shalini comes there and says she is bored being the spirit. Sejal asks both of them to help her check all the materials that are being brought for Ganesh Utsav at home. At hotel, Yohan’s soup gets spiked by Ahana who takes advantage of his unconscious state.

Yohan tries to tell Sejal about what happened last night but Drishti comes to call them. Yohan changes the topic and doesn’t tell the truth to Sejal. Veera places all the poisonous camphors in the aarti diya.

Veera tells Krish that she is having severe sinus and he should go and bring her medicine. He says about puja but she forcibly sends him. Drishti sees all this and informs to Sejal. Sejal goes to Bappa’s idol and find Veera gone. Priest asks her about the necklace for idol.

She says she had placed it with all the things. She starts searching for necklace and mistakenly drops the poisonous camphor near modaks.Veera instructs the servants to close all the doors and windows once puja starts as smoke from puja should stay inside. Sejal understands its related to her plan.

Yohan comes ghere and suddenly Sejal starts crying with pain. Arun asks her if baby is fine. Yohan tells if she had her medicine empty stomach or not. She denies. Yohan asks Drishti to bring the medicine.

Priest asks Veera to do aarti as always but she says this year Sejal will be doing it. As soon as the smoke from camphor starts spreading everyone fall down while Veera stands aside wearing her mask.

She gets happy and says now no Nandas are alive and all the property and business belongs to her. Veera starts confession of all her crimes and how Sejal was saying the truth. Veera is shocked to see Krish standing there and he asks her to stay away from him. Gradually everyone gets up too.

Veera is dumbfounded and wonders how her plan can fail. Sejal tells her how earlier she had seen the mice eating modak with camphor mixed dying and understood about her plan. When she had acted about feeling sick, Yohan and Drishti had quickly replaced all the camphor with non poisonous ones.

Arun shouts at her for killing Aarti and destroying his family. Veera tells Krish not to believe them. He says he has himself heard all her confessions as he had forgotten his wallet and came back from midway. He tells he hates her. Veera starts laughing and picks up gun from the drawer. Yohan tells her to shoot him.

Veera starts laughing crazily and says they don’t have any proof. Shalini removes pallu from her face and says she will give statement. Veera is puzzled to see her alive while Krish happily hugs her. Shalini tells about how Veera har shot her but Sejal and Yohan saved her on time. Drishti says Veera had tried to kill her too.

Sk sir comes there with police and congratulates Sejal for completing her mission as Paro and getting most wanted terrorist arrested. Yohan tells them how Sejal had never lost her memories. Veera is taken to jail by Sk Sir. Arun hugs Yohan, Drishti and Krish together. Yohan thinks he should tell Sejal about what Ahana did last night.

Police comes and says there is arrest warrant for Yohan Nanda. They say he has been accused of rape charges by Mahira. Mahira comes with them and acts like victim. Sejal tells she knows Yohan can never do anything like this. Yohan is confused as he cannot recall what happened after he had fallen unconscious.

Yohan tells Sejal about Mahira mixing something in his soul due to which he fell unconscious. At police station Sejal questions police inspector if they know about Ahana faking her identity. He tells she has already told them everything. In the upcoming episodes medical reports will be tampered and even Yohan’s lawyer will back out.

To know how Sejal keeps Yohan safe stay tuned to Spy Bahu!