Spy Bahu: What will Yohan do after knowing Veera’s truth?

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Colors TV show Spy Bahu is full of suspense and surprises. While Sejal is all set to expose Veera, Veera on other hand has planned to harm Arbaaz as well as Sejal. It will be interesting to see what happens next as Yohan will find about Veera’s wrong doings.

In the previous episode Sejal checked the cupboards in night school office but found nothing. She felt disappointed as her plan failed. While entering Nanda Mansion Sejal saw Goddess Durga idol and prayed for her to show her some way. Yohan told Sejal that he doesn’t believe in god but today he felt that God was giving blessings to her. Chunri placed on idol flewaway.

Sejal found the door to basement. She went inside and was shocked to find out the skeleton hidden there. Sejal hinted Veera about finding the basement secret. Veera told Ahana that Sejal has found the location of skeleton. Veera told Ahana that at night they will change the position of skeleton and then tackle with Sejal. Veera also asked Ahana to finish Arbaaz the next day.

Veera placed skeleton inside her car and told how she had killed Aarti herself and skeleton was the trophy of her achievements. Yohan was shown hearing and watching everything Veera had said. How will Yohan react after discovering this truth? Will Sejal be able to prove to him that she was never a traitor?

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