Spy Bahu: Will Sejal and baby both be safe?

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Colors TV popular show Spy Bahu is now showing how Ahana has put Sejal’s life in danger as she wanted to get rid of her baby and marry Yohan.

In the previous episode Yohan fed Sejal eat the laddoo which was poisoned by Ahana. Yohan went aside to receive a call. Sejal started feeling uncomfortable and asked Ahana for water but she didn’t give. Mrinal and Saras came there and were surprised seeing Sejal. Yohan told that Sejal has lost her memory and doesn’t remember anything related to her past life.

Mrinal said that she had got call from a guy who told about Sejal being at Nanda Mansion. It was Yohan who had informed them through someone else. Sejal started spitting blood and fell unconscious.

Veera scolded Ahana for attacking Yohan’s baby and asked Ahana to leave Nanda mansion. Ahana instead threatened Veera to expose all her wrongdoings. Mrinal blamed Yohan for Sejal’s situation, Saras also questioned him why he didn’t inform them about Sejal. Yohan saw Sejal’s condition deteriorating and everyone rushed inside. Doctor asked nurse to arrange for blood and Arun requested to save the child at any cost.

Yohan was shocked by his words and strictly said both child and mother should be saved but first priority should be Sejal. In the upcoming episodes we will see what will happen to Sejal and her baby and if Ahana is caught or not.

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