Spy Bahu: Will Sejal be able to find out the real mastermind?

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Colors TV show Spy Bahu which started with Sejal’s mission to find out the terrorist is now once again at a new turn as she has realized that Yohan is innocent and even lost her brother Farid who was involved in Mumbai attacks.

Sejal wanted to call it quits but her senior asked her to find out the real culprit or else Yohan’s life will be in danger. Perplexed Sejal chose to continue her mission.

In the previous episodes while Drishti got in shock after seeing Farid’s dead body. She fell unconscious and doctor said her condition was critical. While Sejal felt devastated and blamed herself for Farid’s death, she also wanted to reveal all the truth to Yohan.

She reached the venue and felt overwhelmed seeing all the decorations and Yohan’s love for her. Her seniors stopped her for telling the truth to Yohan.

Yohan hugged her when she reached hospital. Sejal talked to Drishti which helped to save her baby. Drishti responded to Sejal’s words. Sejal promised to look after Sejal well. At the final rites of Farid, Drishti went hysterical.

Sejal calmed her and down by lying that Abhishek was a mission. In the upcoming episodes we will find how Sejal plans to find out the real mastermind while Yohan will be trying to find clues about Abhishek’s encounter.
Will Yohan come closer to Sejal or drift away?

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