Spy Bahu: Will Sejal lose her brother?

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Colors TV show Spy Bahu revolving around Sejal is left us shocked with sudden revelation of terrorist she had been looking for being her own brother Farid who had married Yohan’s sister Drishti to use her as a bait for his mission. While Sejal warned Farid to surrender he chose to trick her and run away.

In the previous episode Sejal felt emotional when she overheard Farid’s conversation with Sejal about their baby. Yohan planned to get remarried with Sejal and called her.

Sejal was confused about leaving Farid at home but he assured her and she left. However she noticed on her phone that Farid’s location was changing. She remembered how she had placed tracker on his phone. Sejal doesn’t go to Yohan but to site where Farid was, she even called her intelligence team to arrest him.

Farid called his mastermind but no one responded. Sejal reached there and told him that his fellowmates had tricked him. He got shocked to see Sejal there and then she revealed about being spy for intelligence team.

Farid pulled out gun and in the hustle he mistakenly received Drishti’s call too. Drishti and Yohan traced the location and left to meet Farid. Farid got shot which left Sejal devastated. In the upcoming episodes we will see Farid counting his last breath and trying to give information to Sejal about real mastermind whom be worked with.

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