Spy Bahu: Will Yohan find the truth about what’s going in Nanda’s industry?

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Colors TV thriller show Spy Bahu revolving around Sejal doing her duty as Spy and also taking up responsibilities of a good daughter in law. While both Yohan and Sejal have fallen in love with each other but she is worried about them drifting apart because of her true identity as spy for intelligence team.

In the previous episode Sejal told Yohan according to her, all the transaction errors are occurring for the past 10 years. Yohan asked accountant to bring all the details for 10 years. At home Drishti again behaved weird and attacked Shalini.

Later Sejal decoded that everytime Drishti got triggered it was due to presence of red color. She told the same to everyone and asked doctor about it. Doctor affirmed it can be true. Later Yohan got a call accountant that there are many big transfers and bank accounts which are not related to company.

Before accountant could give details he was killed by SirJi’s manager. Sejal and Yohan got trapped in elevator and Sejal who was afraid of darkness felt severely sick. She confessed her love for Yohan to him.

In the upcoming episodes we will see Sejal will wonder if Veera is real Sir Ji as Veera tells locket belongs to her. Sejal will become unconscious being weak and shocked by this information.

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