Star Bharat’s Swayamvar-Mika Di Vohti’s Promo Launch is grabbing all the headlines as the makers spend approx 5 crore rupees making the fans’ anticipation reach new heights.

Swayamvar- Mika Di Vohti on Star Bharat is the most anticipated non-reality television show. It isn’t even on-air yet but the fans are on cloud 9 because of all the streamlined news regarding the show. People have a lot of expectations from the show. And seems like their expectations might just be fulfilled because the makers of the show are going all out to make this a big fat television wedding to date.

The makers have spent a whopping amount of approximately 5 crore rupees for the shooting of the special promo. They have gone all out on this one as they want to make it big and memorable. Now fans must be curious to know what more will this promo have? Well to make it a bit fun yet daring, there might be a tractor stunt, whilst on that, the makers would spend a bomb on Mika’s swanky outfits, makeup, and accessories for him to look even more dapper and cool, while they are already on the extravagant path, the set designing and decor just add more fleur, which will obviously cost them more money and not to forget the big-budget and renowned directors, stuntmen, dancers and singers. There is also some news floating around him doing some sizzling photoshoots with the ladies. Since the promo is being shot near Mika’s ancestral haveli, there will surely be some emotionally happy childhood memories for him.

This is quite a brave move from the makers of the show. They want to make it the grandest reality show as they have high hopes and even want to make their fan’s hopes go higher and they might have done just that as now their imagination might have just gone bonkers thinking about how the promo will turn out.

Fans are just eagerly waiting for this promo to go on air on their TV screens soon and they are even more excited for the launch of the show. The onlookers’ excitement really can’t seem to be contained.

Mika Singh has been a part of the Bollywood music industry for many years and has given ground-breaking hit tracks and songs, some of them include Rani Tu Mein Raja, Ankhiyon Se Goli Maare, Party Toh Banti Hai, and Mauja Hi Mauja among the others.

The show is all slated to go on-air on June 19 only on Star Bharat.