Story 9 Months Ki 11th January 2021 Written Update: Kavya reveals her parents’ death in Sarang

Story 9 Months Ki 11th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Param singing followed by Ashish who sings awfully but Sarang claps for him. Sarang brings Kavya on the stage encouraging her to sing but Kavya remembers some voices: a child asking her father to drive faster since she has to reach singing competition as soon as possible and then an accident happening. She drops the mike and runs away. Sarang follows her.

Alia asks Sarang what happened. Sarang says that he has to go and asks whether there is any medical emergency. She shakes his head so he leave. Mala thanks Alia for approving her loan. She is about to hug her but stops. Alia hugs her.

Sarang goes to Kavya who is crying. Kavya asks why he announced her name to sing. She says that she lost her parents because of her singing: she was getting late for her singing passion and rushed her father to drive faster. He did that and accident happened leading to his death. In the car there was also Kavya’s mother who was pregnant and she died too after they reached hospital. She cries and says that her brother was born like a special kid because of that accident. She blames herself for whatever happened. Sarang hugs her. They break the hug and she asks to let her be alone for a while. Sarang feels pity for her.

Nandini receives 20 crores on her bank account. Alia calls her and says that she gave back the whole investment she made with profit and asks Nandini to leave from her life forever. Alia thinks that she has sent Nandini away from her life and now it is Sarang’s turn. She wonders if she is doing something wrong with him but then remembers bashers commenting bad about her baby.

The next day, Rahul sees Ashish and Mala taking pictures and hears him saying to Mala that decoration is average and suggesting her that she should have lost some weight to complement him.

Sarang comes to Kavya and says that he is sorry for the mistake he made yesterday hurting her. Kavya says that he didn’t know what happened so it was not his mistake. Sarang has brought something for her. He shows a tape and asks her to use it on him whenever she feels he is talking a lot. She chuckles.

Rahul comes and takes Sarang aside saying that he has to talk with him. They sit and Rahul says that Ashish is not at all good for Mala. Sarang says that he thinks so only because he loves Mala. Rahul suggests him to tell the person he loves immediately and not make his mistake again. Sarang says he is not in love with anyone.

Just then, Alia walks in. Sarang stares at her. He starts following her. “Ajab si aadaeyin” plays. He says “very beautiful”. Alia turns towards him shocked. Sarang says that he is talking about Mala. Alia agrees that she is looking beautiful and then notices he is helping a lot in the wedding. Sarang says that help has to be given in weddings. He leaves.

Alia overhears Ashish complaining to Mala about the mandap arrangement. She asks if all is good. Ashish says that if something is mediocre then it is disappointing. Alia snaps that she finds the mediocre mentality of a educated person more disappointing. Ashish says good point and then leaves to talk with a friend. Mala says that hopefully Alia didn’t mind what Ashish said: he is NRI so an Indian marriage is a big deal for him. Alia says that she has learnt a lot from her experience with Veer. Mala says that she just has to make adjustments in the marriage as everyone does. Alia gets thoughtful.

Alia goes to Sarang who gets in awe seeing her. She asks if he will do something for her. He accepts to do anything anytime for her. Alia whispers in his ear that he must steal the ring. Sarang gets shocked. Alia reminds him he just said he can do anything anytime for her. Sarang accepts. Alia indicates the box with ring and asks him to go to get it. Sarang is hesitant. Alia asks him to just do it.

Sarang walks near the box with ring and tries getting it. Param notices him and his eyes get wider seeing Sarang grabbing the ring. He goes to him and blames him for stealing such an expensive ring. Alia comes to them and says that she asked Sarang to get the ring. She asks Sarang to replace the diamond ring with a cheap one. Sarang asks from where he should get it. Alia notices Param wearing a cheap ring. They put that in the box and then Alia asks Sarang to put back the box.

Later, the ring ceremony starts. Rahul prays for the marriage to stop. Mala opens the box and says that this is not the diamond ring her father bought. Ashish bashes her and her family and asks to arrange a good ring first and only then the rest of rituals will happen. Sarang understands why Alia made him exchange the rings.

Episode ends

Precap: Kamleshwari asks Sarang not to come to Madhura. Alia calls Sarang and asks him to go to Madhura with her today.