Story 9 Months Ki 11th January 2021 Written Update: Sarang and Alia manage to reach Mumbai on time

Story 9 Months Ki 11th January 2021 Written Update on

It’s 3.00am and Sarang and Alia are still stuck on road. Alia is extremely worried wondering what to do. The mechanic leaves offering them help if they will need any since he leaves nearby. Sarang tries comforting Alia saying that it’s ok but she replies that it is not ok and goes to sit. She cries. Sarang sits next to her and looks at her without saying anything.

After few seconds, he asks Alia if she believes in luck. She asks him not to irritate her. Sarang shows her the lucky coin Nandini had given him and says that they should try their luck. He throws the coin in air and just then a man comes in scooter. Sarang stops him and notices that he is carrying milk. He tells the man that he is from Madhura, where there are cascades of milk. The milkman turns out to be living near Sarang in Madhura before moving to Mumbai. Sarang asks him his scooter and offers the keys of car for him to keep in the meantime but the milkman refuses since he needs to deliver milk. At this point, Sarang says that he will deliver the food for him.

Sarang starts riding the bike with Alia sitting behind him. He smiles looking at her hand on his shoulder. The two deliver milk while on their way to Mumbai. It gets morning. Rabia is worried because she learns from Sunita that Alia hasn’t come home yet.

At 7.56am Alia and Sarang reach Rabia’s clinic. Sarang asks her if she wanted to come here only. Alia says yes. He understands that the work for which she had to urgently reach Mumbai must be really important and Alia confirms it. Sarang gifts her Nandini’s lucky coin and then leaves.

Alia enters the clinic where he leaves explanation of her delay for later and asks Alia to do the work she is there for first. She lies down on the bed for the process and recalls how much she wanted the baby and how she promised not to be a mother like hers one. She remembers Nandini leaving in car and small Alia chasing it but the maid stopping her. Alia’s IVF process starts. Sarang feels something in his heart at the same time. The process ends and Rabia tells Alia that they have to wait few days to know if she has got pregnant or not. She explains to Alia that sometimes the body can reject therefore pregnancy might not happen but she is sure there won’t be any complications.

Ten days later, Alia takes the pregnancy test and it is still negative. Rabia calls her and assures her that result will be positive after a little more wait. She tells her about a surprise that she has in store for her but Alia says that she hates surprises and insists for her to reveal. All in vain though.

On the other hand, Nandini praises Kavya’s coffee. Kavya is lost and replies thanking Sarang. Nandini understands she is in love with Sarang and Kavya confirms the same telling her that she is getting the feeling of college crush even though she has graduated long ago. Nandini encourages to share her feelings with Sarang. Kavya decides to confess her feelings today. She goes to Sarang who is struggling to hold some plates and ends up taking the plates from him instead of saying that she loves him. He says that she came on time since he was afraid that he could have fallen. She promises she won’t let him fall and places her hand on his heart adding that she won’t let it break.

Sarang looks at her confused. She lies that there was something on her shirt and she was talking about not letting glass break. Sarang says that he was scared to do some damage at which Kavya snaps that he has just brough benefits to her. Nandini teases her and the two laugh. Sarang understands that there is an inside joke they are laughing it. He leaves to the kitchen. Kavya tells Nandini that she will soon confess to Sarang that she is in love with him.

On the other hand, Alia is on call with Sunita and asks her to take leave since her daughter is unwell. Suddenly the doorbell rings and Alia goes to check. She finds a box on the floor and winces when a dog comes out of the box and barges inside the house. Alia asks it not to get on couch. Rabia calls her and reveals that this is a surprise for her so that she will stop calling her worrying about her pregnancy test. Rabia promises that she will come back to get the dog in the evening and until then it is her responsibility. She cuts the call even though Alia warns her that she is so dead once she meets her.

Rahul and Mala are in the former’s car when Alia calls him and asks him to come to her house immediately. Rahul reminds her that she gave him half day but Alia says that it’s cancelled and orders him to come immediately to her place.

Kavya is waiting for Sarang in his colony. As he comes out, she pretends to be casually passing by there. Sarang notices her and stops her. She lies that she was there for a delivery of a tofu sandwich. Sarang makes fun of tofu saying that it’s “paneer” for rich. Kavya insists for him to take the sandwich since she got late for delivery and he has insulted her vegan paneer so now he has to try it. He accepts. She also offers to drop him at office on her scooter. He says that he will go with Ramesh but the latter notices the disappointment on Kavya’s face so he makes excuse of having to pay bill and sends Sarang with Kavya who is happy. At the same time, Alia struggles to handle the dog. Sarang gets a call.

Episode ends

Precap: Sarang and Alia take care of the dog together. Later, Rabia comes at Alia’s house and asks her what her donor is doing at her place seeing Sarang there.