Story 9 Months Ki 12th January 2021 Written Update: Alia asks Sarang to go to Madhura with her

Story 9 Months Ki 11th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Param revealing Ashish that this was just a prank from bride’s side guests. Ashish says that he got embarrassed. Mala says that he embarrassed her and her parents. She breaks the marriage. Ashish says that she is losing American citizenship. Alia snaps that she is gaining mental peace. Mala asks Ashish to leave. Rahul shouts him to leave as Mala said. Sarang stops him. Rahul hugs him happily. Mala thanks Alia.

Alia wants to talk to Sarang about going to Madhura the next day but he gets a call and has to urgently pick it up. It’s Mr Mehta who asks him to come to meet him in half an hour as he has decided to give him an opportunity to work for his movie. Sarang says that he is at one hour distance from his house but Mr Mehta doesn’t want any excuse. Sarang rushes away.

Sarang reaches Mr Mehta’s house where the latter says that he will tell him the concept in the car and Sarang will have to prepare story for next day. He asks him to tie his shoes laces before leaving. Sarang is taken aback but decides to do anything for his goal. He ties Mr Mehta’s laces.

In the car, Mr Mehta tells Sarang the concept but keeps the music loud as well. They reach the set and Mr Mehta makes Sarang work at the set the whole night and then asks for the story. Sarang is able to tell the story he thought. Mr Mehta is impressed and says that he just put his dedication on test and made him do all the works just to make him understand how much work is needed behind a tv serial or a movie.

Sarang understands. Mr Mehta says that he will give him 15laakh for the movie and asks him to come to work tomorrow at 8. He also lets him work at DDS. Sarang is overwhelmed by happiness. Mr Mehta apologizes also for making him tie his laces: an artist has to put his ego aside for his art. He offers to have breakfast with him but Sarang says that he has to share the news with someone special first.

Sarang goes out of the set and cries with happiness thinking that he will finally be able to take care of him and his dear ones. Sarang wants to call Alia but she is calling her back so line keeps coming busy. Sarang realizes that it’s the first time he is sharing the news first with Alia and not with his mother. He calls Kamleshwari who urges him not to come to Madhura since Brij Mohan is looking for him and has threatened to file report against him for running away with his money.

 Sarang reveals her about the money and is keen on coming back with all the money to give back to his father. Kamleshwari blesses him. Sarang calls Alia who asks him to go to Madhura the next morning. Sarang is in dilemma but ends up accepting.

The next day, Sarang and Alia meet in front of the latter’s car. Alia has appointed a driver but Sarang insists to drive himself. Alia asks if he is sure since it will be a long journey. Sarang nods. He puts the luggage in car. Alia wonders why he is so silent today. Sarang asks whether she has informed Rabia about her long journey. Alia tells him that she has gone to London for a conference and he shouldn’t disturb her.

At Madhura, Brij Mohan has bought a new house and thinks everything is all set to welcome Sarang to Madhura. Brij Mohan asks Pandit to make sure he wins election this year and then asks the house helper to put Sarang’s books in his room since he is coming back. Kamleshwari wonders why he is sure that Sarang will come back. She calls Sarang and asks him not to come to Madhura at any cost. Sarang is silent. Alia thinks that she will leave Sarang at Madhura and then their paths will get separated forever.

Episode ends

Precap: Alia has to adjust at Sarang’s house.