Story 9 Months Ki 14th April 2021 Written Update: Agastya and Sarang had a conversation

Story 9 Months Ki 14th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Alia goes to meet the new CEO of DDS. He welcomes Alia specially but Aliya doesn’t engage in mass conversation with him. Veer says to her that I know you like muffins and Alia accepts the package of pastry since it is from the new CEO of the company. Veer says to Alia that I am extremely sorry for whatever I have done with you and maybe I have got punishment for my own deeds. He says that I have lost my wife, my kid, all of them and Alia tries to make him understand that it was never one’s mistake to lose someone. Please don’t blame yourself like this and have faith in God. I hope you get strength to overcome this order because I can totally understand the pain of losing a child.

Veer says I know that your engagement also got called off. She had a very small chat with him and then she left the cabin. While in school, the class for the kids started and the teacher said that today we will do a project. There will be a team of two students and they will be given a topic to speak on. Somehow, Sayuri and Agastya end up together in a team. Shayuri talks about her father and says that I have the best father in the world while Agastya speaks about Alia. In the maths class, Agastya gave the correct answer but Sayuri could not. Later on, the kids of the school start to bully Agastya.

Agastya leaves the classroom without saying a word and Sayuri feels guilty for making him upset. Agastya comes out and he meets with Sarang. Both of them had a sweet conversation and Agastya makes him smile and thinks why it bothers him so much to see this kid in pain. Sayuri says to Sarang, he is only her father and she can never share him with anyone. She says it is better that I have no brother or sister and I don’t have to share you with anyone.

After office Alia came to meet Rabia in her hospital. She says to Rabia about Veer and she gets worried for Alia. Alia says to Rabia that we were talking about his family and I feel so sorry for him because he has lost everything. Rabia gives a packet of brownies to Alia and says that it is for my lovable Agastya. Later on, Alia notices Sayuri in the hospital. Sarangi is getting worried for his daughter while Alia goes inside the cabin of Sayuri and says to her please don’t get scared since I am here with you. She says maybe the machine is not working properly that is why they are not able to catch your heart beat and you don’t need to worry because I will stand with you here holding your hand. As soon as Aliya touches the hand of her daughter and Sarang also comes there the heartbeat of Sayuri shows on the screen.

Precap – Alia and Sarang had a hit and miss.

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