Story 9 Months Ki 14th December 2020 Written Update: Alia decides to become a mother through IVF

Story 9 Months Ki 14th December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Alia watching her and Veer’s viral video. Alia’s mother-in-law tells Gautam that her daughter is like him only: for her only her work matters. Alia asks them to stop and come after her office hours only since her job is most important for him. Sarang overhears their conversation and says that he thought Alia is hiding her pain but it seems like she really cares more about work than relationship. He leaves after Alia asks him to go away and then realizes he has lost his diary.

Alia keeps recalling her mother-in-law’s words and watches the viral video. Rabia calls her. She is enraged and says that she won’t spare Veer. She has a perfect cheer up plan for her. Alia asks her to meet at home in the evening and then cuts the call.

Sarang asks Chotelaal if he has seen his diary. Chotelaal laughs saying that a fake writer doesn’t have a diary. Sarang is frustrated. Chotelaal asks him to calm down and whether he can shut the office since he has to go for an audition. Anirudh accepts but he is not caring much since he is worried about his diary.

On the other hand, Alia has gathered Rabia, Gautam, Veer’s mother at home. Veer comes too. Rabia asks why he is there. Veer says that he should go. Alia says that he can go after hearing what she wants to say.

Ramesh has found Sarang’s diary. He asks Sarang whether he has written all the poems or has stolen them. Sarang says that he isn’t a thief. Ramesh asks him to complete a poem he has written. Sarang does that.

Alia announces that she wants to be mother. Rabia tries convincing her that she will find another boy for her. Veer says that it isn’t that easy. Gautam promises to back up his business if he and Alia solve everything and become parents. Alia says that she wants to be mother through IVF.

An employee tells Sarang that it isn’t easy to become a writer and he has struggled a lot. He asks Sarang to work under him and do the write ups he is asked to write for the time being and then he will reveal Alia that they have been written by him only. Sarang says that he is kind but not stupid. The employee assures him that he isn’t making him fool and just giving him an opportunity. Sarang ends up accepting.

Meanwhile, everyone tries changing Alia’s mind. Veer’s mother asks how she can be mother of the baby of a man whom she doesn’t even know. Alia replies that she will choose the best donor from bank sperm. She gives divorce papers to Veer.

Sarang feels thankful to her mother since the opportunity that he got is all thanks to her blessings. He buys a new diary deciding to write a new poem every day. Alia makes a new list of life goals with a list of what she will do with her baby.

Both Sarang and Alia wake up at 4am. Alia watches a video with diet suggestion for future mothers. She throws junk food and other stuff from kitchen that can be bad for her. Sarang starts writing and shows what he has written to Ramesh.

Sarita comes and gives nuts and fruits to Alia who didn’t have breakfast. She asks Alia how she will have baby without Veer. Alia explains her how IVF works. Sarita promises to take a lot care of her.

Later, Sarang and Alia reach the office. They both enter the elevator which keeps getting crowded and Alia is pushed closer to Sarang. She is giving back to him. He stares at her and smiles. She is carrying a box with some stuff related to baby and it is about to fall but Sarang, who is right behind her, grabs it on time putting his hand on hers one. Alia gets out and tries to see Sarang but the elevator is too crowded.

Episode ends

Precap: Alia asks Rabia what the counsellor will do. Rabia tells her that she will ask some questions to check if she is ready physically and emotionally to be mother through IVF. Alia asks whether she will reject her application if she won’t be ready. Later, Rabia and Alia hide seeing Chotelaal in the hospital. Sarang asks the employee whether he will tell Alia that he has written the poem and then says that the question is wrong since he will get to know whether his work has been approved since they work in same office.