Story 9 Months Ki 14th January 2021 Written Update: Alia organizes a surprise proposal for Nitya and Veer

Story 9 Months Ki 14th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Alia walking back to her cabin where Veer is still sitting and waiting for her answer. Alia accepts his project and adds that she will personally supervise his project. She clears that he shouldn’t expect any favour from her. She recalls Sarang’s words and says that he was right. She asks him if he wants the same jeweller who made his first engagement ring for this occasion also.

 She knows he won’t be content with one option so she shows him many and in fact he is choosy. Then she suggests a venue. After deciding everything, Veer asks Alia to keep Nitya’s xerography in the decoration. Alia agrees. He leaves. She looks at the xerography and then asks Rahul to gather everyone for a meeting.

On the other hand, Kavya is waiting for any response from Sarang. He finally calls her but just to book her café for a client (Veer) who is going to propose his lover. Kavya thinks he is the client but he clears that he is not. Kavya accepts the booking.

Alia asks Sarang if booking has been done. He replies yes. Alia orders him to write something for the event and she doesn’t hear any objection. She leaves. Sarang tells Rahul that sometimes he feels like he can understand Alia but she surprises him every time. He wonders how she shows no emotion on the face.

In the washroom, Alia cries. Some girls enter and says that Alia is so emotionless and wonder how she can agree to work with her ex-husband. Alia overhears them. She comes out and the girls are taken aback to see her. She doesn’t say anything and walks out seriously.

In the evening, Kavya tells Sarang that seeing him early in the café is like a bonus to her. They are interrupted by Alia who asks Kavya if the menu is ready. Kavya says yes and goes to bring stuff to show her. Alia sits at the table and a girl asks her if she is fine since she looks tired. Alia lies that she is ok. Sarang gives her water and then goes to sit at another table to write something for Veer and Nitya.

Alia notices that he is struggling and asks him why he is taking so much time when everyone says that he is talented and can write immediately. Sarang replies that he writes by heart for the clients he likes. She asks her what his problem with Veer is. He replies that he has problems with anyone who will give her pain. He corrects himself saying that he mean that he has problems with anyone who bothers women.

Veer comes there and suggests to change pink and white decoration into white ones, like in their engagement. Alia reminds him that the white faded into a black darkness so she thought to bring some colours this time that can reflect her colourful personality. Sarang chuckles hearing her giving Veer back like that.

Later, Alia is about to fix a hanging flowers pot but she slips. Sarang rushes and holds her on time. She recomposes after sharing an eye lock with him for few seconds. Sarang tells her that he is there to tell her the poem he has written. He recites it and she is touched by his words. She says that it’s nice. Sarang thanks her and is about to walk away when Alia thanks him for the suggestion he gave her in Veer’s matter. She says that she handled the matter in her way, differentiating herself from Veer. He says that some people understand their own language but she doesn’t want to hear anything else.

Rabia calls Alia and wants to meet her immediately but Alia says that Veer and Sarang are bothering her since morning and she is busy so she cuts the call.

In the evening, Alia looks at the xerography photo that she hang to a heart shaped balloon. Veer comes with Nitya who is happy to see the surprise but her smile disappears seeing Alia there. Veer clears that there is nothing between them now. He proposes Nitya. Alia looks at them and feels sad.

After everything’s done, Alia leaves to her car. Sarang notices he has forgotten her bag and takes an auto to reach her after failing to stop her. Rabia is trying to reach Alia too but she isn’t picking up calls. Alia reaches home and lies on her bed crying and wondering if she is so bad to be destined to stay lonely her whole life since she always have to struggle so much for every happiness. Suddenly she hears a baby crying. She follows the cry and reaches to a doll that’s making the sound. She places it back in the closet and then stops to look at herself in the mirror. She touches her bump and then rushes to take the pregnancy test. She hopes result is positive. She looks at it.

Episode ends

Precap: Alia cries and tells Sarang that she is going to become mother, she is pregnant. She tells the same to Rabia hugging her. Rabia looks at Sarang. Alia asks her why she looks so worried. Rabia says that she has to tell her something.