Story 9 Months Ki 15th December 2020 Written Update: Alia wants to find the perfect donor

Story 9 Months Ki 15th December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with meeting happening at Direct dil se. The employee tells Sarang’s poem and everyone likes it. The contract gets approved. Sarang gets happy seeing that and he is asked to bring snacks for the employees. Sarang brings snacks. He asks about Alia but she has left already.

Alia is sitting in the car and she is thoughtful. Rabia asks her whether she has changed her mind. She understands Alia is nervous.

On the other hand, Sarang talks with her mother and tells her that he got nervous. At the same time Rabia teases Alia and wishes her baby is as cute as her. Alia asks like whom should he be otherwise. Sarang tells his mother how everyone applauded hearing her poem. Rabia asks Alia to relax since now she has corrected her biggest mistake in life: her marriage.

Kamleshwari talks about Sarang’s wedding and wishes he gets someone like Alia. Sarang asks he and Alia. Kamleshwari says Alia Bhatt. Sarang cuts the call seeing the writer with his diary. He asks him not to touch it without his permission since he doesn’t like that. The writer replies him rudely and leaves.

Alia sees Chotelaal and hides. She tells to Alia that he is there but she doesn’t know the name. Rabia knows that he is Chotelaal. Alia wonders what he is doing there. Rabia asks to the receptionist who reveals that Chotelaal is a regular donor. Alia imagines her baby being like Chotelaal and gets afraid. She immediately walks away and tells Rabia that she cannot imagine to have a baby like Chotelaal. She wants to know all details of the donor.

On the other hand, Sarang thinks that he thought Fahim will take him to highway but the road he thought to go on has already ended. He lets go the idea of Fahim helping him knowing that his property (poems) are private.

Rabia tells Alia that donors won’t be told to whom their sperm goes and that’s the rule. However, Alia says that she doesn’t care about that, but she should know every detail of the donor.

On the other hand Brij Mohan’s son in law Pawan gets upset with the worker. Brij Mohan comes there and tells that he wants kids to be in the house. Pawan thinks he wants Kusum and him to have a baby and tells that Sarang will come soon. Brij Mohan asks if the age is not more. Pawan says no. Brij Mohan thinks to have baby and smiles.

In the evening Sarang tells Ramesh that he had an argument with the person, for whom he writes. He says he got inspiration from Alia, when he saw her cabin. He talks about her with passion. Ramesh says for the first time he is praising his boss and teases him. Sarang tells that he came to Mumbai because of her: she is a beautiful inspiration, but she is not like him. When he saw her for the first time, he was frozen. He says that Alia is coming out from a painful relation.

Rabia tells Alia that the donor will be tested two times, once before the donation and the second time after the donation. Alia says she is classy and knows 7 foreign language. Rabia says you are lovely and the child will turn out to be like you bring him up. Alia says no. Rabia asks if she will cancel the plan. Alia says no: her professor at Harvard used to say that every problem has a solution. She thinks to search her donor in 15 days.
Precap: Alia talks to Rahul and asking him to find donor for her, who is like her. Sarangdhar gives the ultimatum to Faheem and says I will write for you on trial for 15 days, then you have to tell Alia about me.