Story 9 Months Ki 15th January 2021 Written Update: Alia shares her pregnancy news with Sarang

Story 9 Months Ki 15th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Alia hoping for her pregnancy result to be positive. At the same time, Rabia is rushing to Alia’s place to tell her that her baby’s donor is Sarang only. Sarang is going to Alia’s house to give her bag back to her as well. Alia checks the pregnancy test and her eyes well up.

The doorbell rings. Alia goes to open the door. Sarang is there. He gives her bag back to her. He notices she is crying and asks if she is fine. She replies that she is and goes to sit. Sarang rushes to her asking why she is crying if she is ok. He promises to solve any problem she has immediately. She cries harder. He brings water for her. Alia smiles and cries at the same time. She reveals Sarang that she is pregnant. Sarang’s eyes well up too and is so happy for her. She says that it’s the best moment ever in her life. Sarang congratulates with her and says that he will tell her baby that he was the first one to whom their mother told about their arrival.

The doorbell rings again. Sarang goes to open the door and it’s Rabia standing there. She is surprised to see Sarang there. She enters and sees Alia crying. She asks Sarang what he did. Sarang says that she is blaming him again and clears that he has done nothing. Rabia is about to tell about Sarang but the latter says that he knows and Alia knows too, and she just told him.

Alia tells Rabia that she is pregnant and cries hugging her best friend. Rabia asks her not to cry in such a happy moment. She tells Alia that she has to say something to her. Sarang says that he should leave now that Rabia is there. He asks Alia to call him anytime she needs something and congratulates with her again. Alia thanks Sarang who leaves.

Alia and Rabia sit together. Rabia says that the baby is hers only and it doesn’t matter who the donor or the biological father is. Alia is overwhelmed to think about her own flesh and blood coming. She asks Rabia to tell what she wanted to tell her before when she was busy but now she is all hears for her. Rabia says nothing important and asks her how Sarang is. Alia says that he is a good person and talented but he talks a lot and sometimes he irritates her a lot. Rabia seems nervous.

On the other hand, Kavya is all dressed up to meet Sarang. She notices that he is nervous and says that she just told “I love you” to him and didn’t ask him to marry. She asks him if he likes her at least. Sarang says that he likes her but have never seen her like a girlfriend. She asks him to think of her like a girlfriend. She is content with the fact that he likes her and suggests to date for a month hoping that, seeing her like his girlfriend, he might move from like to love. He says that she might realize that what she thinks as love might just be infatuation too. Kavya laughs and says that he might say “I love you” to her. Sarang chuckles too.

Meanwhile, Alia asks Rabia if she found out something about Sarang. Rabia says no and says that she just asked because Sarang was there in her house the last two times she came and calling her employees home is so unlike her. Alia says that it was just a coincidence. She asks what was the important thing she wanted to tell her. Rabia lies that she was just making up story of important thing just to distract her from her busy work and meet her.

Kavya asks Sarang to do something special on their first date since he sings so well. Sarang says that he will sing another time but Kavya insists. Sarang clears his throat and closes his eyes. He remembers Alia telling him about her pregnancy. He starts singing “Saawali si raat” getting up. Kavya gets up too and sings along with him. They hum together. At the same time, Alia hugs some soft toys smiling.

Alia gets up and goes to the baby cot next to her bad. Suddenly Sarang appears asking her to call anytime she needs help. Alia wakes up. It was a dream. She wonders why Sarang appeared in her dream and regrets telling him.

On the other hand, Sarang keeps remembering Alia sharing her pregnancy news with him. Just then, Alia calls Sarang. He immediately picks her call up and asks if she needs something and if he should come. Ramesh asks him to go and talk outside so he goes out. Alia says that she is nervous since she doesn’t know why she shared that with him. She asks him not to share that with anyone. Sarang asks her to breath in and breath out and think about Ali Bhaag and the moon. Alia does that. He asks him what he shouldn’t share with others. Alia replies that he shouldn’t tell anyone else about her pregnancy. She trusts him but is requesting him. He assures her that he won’t tell anyone just like he didn’t tell anyone that she fears darkness. He says that “share” word is so special and deep: sharing something with someone is like giving a part of that shared thing to the person. He wishes him good night and cuts the call. Alia thinks about his words.

The next morning, Rabia comes at Rahul’s place and keeps asking him what he has done. He keeps saying he has done nothing until he replies that he has done nothing to Alia. Rabia asks him how he knows she is talking about Alia if he has done nothing.

Episode ends

Precap: Nandini cries and tells Sarang that she wants to meet Alia. Nandini and Alia come face to face and the latter is stunned to see her mother who is emotionally standing with a hand towards her. At night, Alia confronts Sarang asking him who gave him the right to take decisions for her. Rabia reveals Alia that Sarang is her baby’s donor. Alia faints. Sarang tells Kavya that he won’t forgive himself for the tears he has given to Alia. Kavya says that he loves her.