Story 9 Months Ki 18th January 2021 Written Update: Alia decides to stay at Sarang’s house

Story 9 Months Ki 18th January 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress

The episode starts with Alia asking Sarang to hide about him being her baby’s donor from his mother. He says that he is bothered because he has never lied to his mother. Kamleshwari comes and says that he has lied: he came to Madhura but only for work. She says that she knows he would have never come for his own work and it’s her selfless nature that makes him her “Lalla”. She takes him downstairs to massage his head. Alia thinks Sarang is so happy with his mother so maybe it was a good decision to bring him to Madhura.

The next morning, neighbours have gathered outside Pandey mansion and are peeking inside as Alia is working out. Kamleshwari shuts the door. Alia feels like vomiting. Brij Mohan thinks Alia is a trouble and wants to get rid of her as soon as Sarang will decide to stay there. He calls his sister and asks her where she is. She replies that she is on the way.

Kamleshwari gives some herbs to Alia and she feels much better. Sarang comes and gets concerned hearing about her morning sickness. He says that he has found a five star hotel for her. Kamleshwari asks why she can’t stay in the house where there are people to take care of her and her baby. She caresses her bump. Sarang says that Alia stays in five star hotel whenever she goes out. Alia tells him that she will stay there only. Sarang tries making her understand that this place is not worthy of her but she is adamant.

Alia goes out. Sarang follows her and says that she doesn’t understand in what troubles she is. He didn’t want to stay there but now is forced because she is there and he cannot leave her. He walks away.

Later, Alia frustratedly sits in room and wonders what to do alone in the house now that Sarang has gone. She tries turning on the fan but feels hot. Suddenly she feels cold breeze. Sarang has brought cooler for her. He has brought also different bed sheets and bed covers for her as well as water bottles and fresh flowers. He gives her a bell to ring in case she needs something. He doesn’t want her to face any kind of problem there.

Sarang asks if he can say something. Alia allows her. He asks her whether she will feel bad. Alia says that he has never cared. He wishes it was like that. He tells Alia it’s good that doctor asked her to stay in his house so that her baby got to know his grandparents’ house. Alia doesn’t feel bad and asks him to sit and talk about his family. Sarang feels nice seeing that she wants to learn about him. She asks if everyone is so traditional in his family. He replies that Munni Devi, his father’s sister, is the most traditional one.

Just then, Munni Devi reaches Pandey house and Brij Mohan stands outside to welcome her. She has brought a girl with her and says that she will keep Sarang there. Kamleshwari, Kusum and Kumkum rush to the door. Kamleshwari does Munni Devi’s aarti and then, once she gets inside, she washes her feet.

Munni Devi keeps taunting her and then introduces the girl as Elaichi. Alia comes downstairs and Munni Devi asks who she is. Brij tells her that she is Sarang’s “madam ji”. Munni Devi says that she didn’t come to visit them because there was toilet in the house so, now that she will stay there, all toilets will be locked and everyone who will have to go to the toilet will go outside. Alia asks why will anyone go outside when there is toilet in the house. Munni Devi glares at her.

Episode ends

Precap: Alia asks the housemates if they are really going to go outside instead of using toilet in the house. Munni Devi stands in front of her glaring at her.