Story 9 Months Ki 18th January 2021 Written Update: Sarang comes to know that Nandini is Alia’s mother

Story 9 Months Ki 18th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rabia asking Rahul what he did while he backs off and ends up sitting on chair and saying that he did nothing to Alia. Rabia asks Rahul how he knows she is talking about Alia if he did nothing. She gets mad at him and asks how he dared exchanging donor when Alia trusted him so much. He denies but she threatens to make him confess by involving the police.

On the other hand, Suleman, Gurpreet and Ramesh tease Sarang for having a girlfriend. Sarang says that he and Kavya have given one month period to each other to understand each other better. Just then Kavya comes and calls Sarang her boyfriend. She says that they will be dating each other for one month and then Sarang might become her permanent boyfriend from temporary one. Then, she insists for Sarang to have a hair cut. She gets a scissor from Ramesh and starts trimming his hair.

Meanwhile, Rahul begs Rabia not to involve police kneeling down and swearing that he did not cheat Alia but just wanted to help her. Rabia asks if Sarang is involved in his plan too. Rahul says no and reveals what happened with Rishi. Rabia is in dilemma. Rahul assures Rabia that Sarang is a good guy and he just did all this to help Alia.

Sarang reaches the office where everyone praises his new haircut. Alia comes and asks Sarang about Rahul. Sarang tells her that he won’t be able to come today. He follows Alia and keeps asking if she is fine, if she needs something, if her chair is comfortable enough. He asks her to message him every time she needs something. Alia assures him that she is fine and doesn’t need anything so he finally leaves. Alia is scared that Sarang might reveal everyone her secret in his over excitement.

On the other side, Rabia tells Rahul that whatever he did is morally and legally wrong. Rahul is sorry. Rabia says that as a doctor she cannot forgive him. She recalls how Alia was so happy. She leaves after asking Rahul not to tell anything to Sarang and deciding that she has to reveal everything to Alia since she needs to know. Rahul regrets.

Alia gathers everyone in meeting room and tells that Jatin’s paintings got a great response on social media so she has decided to appoint new painters for the company and include paintings as gifting options as well. Sarang tells her that he knows a great painter: Sharma Ji. He praises her a lot. Alia asks him to fix a meeting with her and asks others to find at least ten talented painters as well.

Sarang calls Kavya who asks him if he was missing her. Sarang replies no and then corrects yes. He says that he called to ask about Sharma Ji. Kavya tells him that she must be in her studio and when she is painting, she keeps her phone switched off.

Later, Sarang meets Nandini Sharma at her studio where he tells her about his boss searching for painters for her company but Nandini refuses saying that she puts her paintings on auction just to gather money for charity. Sarang says that he will tell Alia that she cannot meet her then. Hearing Alia’s name, Nandini enquires Sarang about her full name and company name and gets shocked learning that he works for Alia Shroff at Direct dil se. She shows Sarang a corner where she has put lots of newspaper articles talking about Alia’s success, her magazine covers and more. She has also made Alia’s painting. She tells Sarang that Alia would never meet her since she hates her mother. Sarang is shocked to learn that Nandini is Alia’s mother.

At the same time, Sunita gives lots of food to Alia saying that it is also for her baby and tells her that her mother used to take care of her a lot when she was pregnant. Alia gets sad thinking about her mother.

Nandini tells Sarang how she and Gautam married even though they hardly knew each other but then she left him because he had not time for her and wasn’t even there when Alia was born. She cries and tells Sarang that she chose her freedom leaving Alia. Sarang recalls her mother and says that she made the right decision but he feels sad for Alia who spent her childhood without a mother.

Sunita promises Alia to take care of her as a mother. She cheers her up and sits at the table waiting for Alia to finish all the food. Alia smiles.

Nandini tells Sarang that she fought for Alia’s custody but Gautam used his money to win the case and then she also went to USA to meet Alia when she was at Harvard but she didn’t have the guts to face her. Now she has returned here and is keen on meeting Alia.

At night, Sarang is standing at balcony. Ramesh notices something is bothering him and asks him about it. Sarang tells him that he always felt he is the only one who faced wrong by his strict heartless father but there is also that one who has kept their sorrow in their heart. Ramesh asks if the wound is deep. Sarang replies it is. Ramesh tells him that last year a man met an accident in front of him and he took him to the hospital where he recovered so he suggests Sarang to take his patient to the hospital so that they heal. Sarang likes the idea.

The next morning, Sarang is dropping Alia to the meeting with Nandini. Alia is surprised to see him silent but likes him quiet only. Sarang wishes Alia and Nandini’s meeting gets successful. Alia sees a school bus and remembers how her classmate’s mother used to welcome her outside the bus while the housemaid used to come to take her. They reach the destination and get out of car. Alia promises her baby that they will be her first priority.

Sarang and Alia enter Kavya’s café and Alia asks Kavya about mr Sharma. Kavya says that it is miss Sharma. Alia says that Sarang refers to her as Sharma Ji so she didn’t know but she likes female working partners better. Kavya agrees. Alia asks where she is. Kavya indicates the table where Nandini is sitting. Alia turns around.

Episode ends

Precap: Alia cries in the car. At night, Sarang tells Kavya how Alia cried for the whole journey in the car and he cannot forgive himself for her tears. Kavya says that he loves her. Rabia reveals Alia that Sarang is her baby’s donor.