Story 9 Months Ki 1st December 2020 Written Update: Rabia is keen on bringing Veer’s truth in front of Alia

Story 9 Months Ki 1st December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarang reaching the police station to find his stuff and officer is ready to help him. Ramesh, the taxi driver, is in the same police station to give back Sarang’s bag. Officer asks Sarang how the taxi driver was. Sarang replies that he thought he was a good person and talked whole heartedly with him, but he was hurt to realize that he was mistaken about him.

Ramesh overhears him and argues with him for talking like this. Sarang assures him that he was filing report for the missing stuff and not against him. After sorting out all the issues, Ramesh offers lift to Sarang till his friend’s house even though he has not much money left.

On the other hand, Alia is having a virtual meeting with employees to finalize a message to use in the baby shower for the client but she doesn’t like the tough hindi the writer uses in his poem. She lets the employees have a coffee break and walks away. She bumps into a frame of her with Veer.

Sarang reaches the address given by his friend but the latter is nowhere. Ramesh says that his friend made a fool out of him. Sarang wonders what to do and asks Ramesh to leave since he has helped him enough and assures he will handle. However, Ramesh looks at him before leaving.

Meanwhile, Veer and Nitya are having dinner together. They are happy because the deal got postponed. Nitya asks Veer if he is thinking about Alia. He says that he is worried about Gautam’s reaction. Nitya asks him to stay in relationship with Alia and end theirs. Veer feels bad that she doubts him as he wants to marry her. Nitya apologizes and she wants to pay but Veer insists to pay with his card. He swipes the card. Alia gets a notification.

Ramesh takes Sarang to his house where he lives with two more people. Sarang looks around: the house is nice but it’s small. He has to sleep with others.

Alia restarts the meeting but doesn’t like anything written by the writer of his team even though others like it. She says that they should come to work at 8am and she will give cash bonus to anyone who cracks the message. The meeting ends.

Sarang recites a poem while looking at the ceiling and sleeping between Ramesh and the other roommate. Kamleshwari is seen being emotional while remembering Sarang while Nitya and Veer are together in their hotel room and Alia is alone in her room.

The next morning Alia sees the notification of Veer’s card getting swiped at Mumbai last night. Rabia calls her. Alia tells her that Veer is careless and the card must have been stolen but Rabia says that she shouldn’t ignore the symptoms and reach the hotel immediately. Alia doesn’t want her to create a scene and tries stopping Rabia but in vain.

Veer and Nitya are at the hotel and he ignores Alia’s calls. Rabia and Alia reach the hotel and question the receptionist about the card being used at the hotel. The receptionist replies that their regular client used it. Alia asks whether it’s Veer Malhotra. The receptionist is hesitant to reply but, when Rabia says that she will call police, she reveals that it’s him only. Rabia shows Veer’s picture and the receptionist replies that it’s him only. Rabia tells Alia that Veer isn’t in Dubai and he must have a plan to cover up all this.

Alia tries to stop Rabia from making a scene. Rabia tries to make her understand that Veer has no work but he stays out for months. Alia says that she knows what she thinks about Veer and that she is protective about her. Nitya and Veer are about to walk away from dining area when Veer realizes he has forgotten his wallet and goes to take it back. Rabia wants to talk to manager. Alia decides to leave but sees Veer as soon as she turns around.

Episode ends

Precap: Alia asks Veer when he came back from Dubai. He replies in the morning. Nitya comes there. Alia looks on. Sarang finds out that Alia is searching a writer and decides to make her listen to the poem about mother that he has written.