Story 9 Months Ki 1st February 2021 Written Update: Alia learns that she is going to have twins

Story 9 Months Ki 1st February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Alia thinking about how Sarang’s poetry gave her courage to have baby through IVF. She is sad. Rabia calls her and asks her to come to clinic.

On the other hand, Kavya drops Sarang home and reminds him that he can share her pain with her even though he doesn’t like since she is his friend. She leaves. Sarang hears a kid reading about Krishna and his parents while sitting on stairs. Sarang sits with him and they talk. The kid says that Krishna is his favourite and his father often compares him to Krishna. He says that Krishan has many names and lists some of them. Sarang gets thoughtful hearing Brij Mohan.

In the meantime Rabia does Alia’s check up and reveals her that she is going to get twins. Alia gets emotional and cries for happiness. She says that her babies won’t be alone like she did in childhood, they will have her and each other. Rabia wishes for her happiness to be double like this.

In the evening, Gautam comes at Alia’s place and asks if she called him there for some business. Alia says that she is not like him, she doesn’t remember people only for her business. She reveals him that she is pregnant and he congratulates with her but says that tomorrow she might not have business like now she has no husband. Alia says that she will manage her business and children like she did as single father even though he never had time for her. He gets more tensed learning that she is having twins and wonders how she will manage two kids and business alone. He says that these kids will distract her from business but Alia interrupts him and asks him not to add anything further and never call her kids as distraction. She says that people who think of her babies like distraction don’t deserve to be in their lives and open the door for Gautam who walks away.

Meanwhile, Sarang looks at the cheque and recalls Alia’s words and the child he met talking about how Krishna’s parents never left him even though they went through difficulties. Sarang recalls how his father left his hand when he was a child to protect the money in his pocket and the child Sarang had started crying. Ramesh hears him shouting and asks him if he had a nightmare. Sarang says that he won’t be a bad father like his one and then leaves.

Alia is working on her laptop to double her list and is excited to go to shopping for her other baby. The doorbell rings and Alia thinks she is Sunita. She says that she will jump for excitement when she will learn the news. However, her smile falls when she opens the door and sees Sarang there. She asks what he is doing there.

 Sarang enters and says that he is there to tell what his heart feels like. He kneels in front of her and says that he will always stand behind them to protect them. He gets up and says that he is saying all this to his baby. He knows she knew that he didn’t want to be a father but she doesn’t know how he felt when he heard his baby’s heartbeat. He says that  he won’t let his baby go through the emptiness he went because of having a father who wasn’t there for him though. He promises to prove her in these 7 and half months that he is ready emotionally and financially to be a father. He is ready to give up hundreds of cheques for his baby who is too precious. He gives Alia back the cheque she had given him. He says that he is capable of fulfilling his baby’s dreams when he will come. He also gives back the note she had given him when they first met in front of baby shop thinking she is giving tip.

Alia says that he is being ambitious but she has spent years to establish her company while he is thinking to do all this in seven and half months. Sarang asks for a chance and if he fails then he will do whatever she wants. He kneels to her stomach and asks the baby to trust the father. Alia backs off.

Sarang asks for the doctor’s number since he will take care. She refuses his help. He asks also the timing for her medicine but she says that she has phone. He insists. Alia brings the donor agreement and shows it to Sarang saying that he has signed the papers. Sarang realizes he has been deceived. Alia says that court will believe these papers. Sarang says he will go to court too.

Episode ends

Precap: Sarang goes out of the car to bring ice cream for Alia locking her inside. He drops the keys of the car and then he is unable to open it. Alia starts feeling suffocated.

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