Story 9 Months Ki 1st January 2021 Written Update: Sarang suggests Rishi to listen to his heart

Story 9 Months Ki 1st January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarang laughing while staring at Alia who is dancing and eating cake. She is about to ask her what he is doing there but cannot complete her sentence since the cake chokes her. Sarang asks her if she is fine. He gets frenetic and is about to call the ambulance but realizes it would get too late. He asks her to do something. He ends up punching on her back and that helps her. She glares at him.

He says that she should be thankful to him for saving her life. He asks her whether he is an idiot and if her mother didn’t teach her the Heimlich maneuver. He says that he got scared. He adds that she danced well. She forbids him not to talk about this to anyone. Sarang asks if he looks like an idiot to her. He replies himself that he looks like an idiot but he is not one. He leaves. Alia gets emotional thinking that she will celebrate next Christmas with her baby.

Rahul offers Mala to drop her home but he doesn’t have car. Alia calls him in her cabin and gives him the bonus she promised to him for finding the perfect donor. She messages to Rabia as well that the perfect donor has been found. Rahul goes out and sees Mala booking a cab. He tells her that now she won’t need to book cab anymore since he will drop her home in his own car.

Sarang comes back home and has brought alcohol to celebrate with Ramesh, Gurpal and Suleman. They drink. Rahul says that he is too happy. He shares with them that Alia said that he is a good writer but he is an idiot too. His friends mock him for being happy after his boss insulted him. Sarang replies that for the first time someone used Sarang and writer in a same sentence, and that too Alia who hardly remembers people’s name. He is very happy because it’s a big thing for him after being known as Pandey’s son for his whole life. Ramesh asks whether it is really such a big thing. Sarang replies that he hasn’t lived with a father like Brij Mohan. His friends suggests him to call his father immediately.

Sarang calls Brij Mohan from balcony and tells him that he became writer and the owner of the company came to hire him. Brij Mohan insults him and says that he must have gotten lucky only. He says he is not silver or gold otherwise he would have recognized him. Sarang says that he is diamond and he won’t ever understand it and promises that whole Madhura will know him for his son’s name and poetry book. Brij Mohan asks him to keep his good news with himself since he has found out how to get his own good news. Sarang quote Shakespeare when he said that it is a wise father who knows his own child and accuses Brij Mohan for not being wise or a good father. He cuts the call with teary eyes.

The next morning Alia calls Rahul who assures her that he will get signs from Rishi in few hours and he is on the way to reach him. Alia says that he is her Santa.

An auto driver tries helping a lady to take out a big portrait from the auto but she refuses. Sarang comes and helps the lady saying that sometimes they should accept help for others. He takes out the painting. The lady understands he was helping the auto driver too since now the latter could take another person for a lift. Sarang tells her that he just helped who needed help. He walks with the lady to Kavya’s cafeteria. The lady tells him that she has gone through hardships and is used to refuse every helping hand even though it’s wrong.
After talking to the lady, Sarang goes to Kavya and tells her that he will be a little late this evening. Kavya asks him to promise to perform in the Friday open mic and he accepts that.

Sarang goes to the football camp. Rishi asks him if he is Rahul. Sarang says no and tells him that Rahul must be coming. He notices he is sweating and suggests him to share the matter with him. Rishi tells him that he got a commitment which will give happiness to another person but his girlfriend Tania is against it. Rishi tells Sarang that he doesn’t know if he should listen to his heart or mind. Sarang says that a problem and a solution come together only. He asks whether he has someone else except Tania. Rishi replies no.

Sarang asks if his commitment can be done by someone else. Rishi replies that it is difficult but not impossible. Sarang suggests him to listen to his heart then and in that way he would understand that Tania is right too. Rishi thanks him for solving his dilemma and hugs him. Sarang leaves.
Rishi calls Rahul who tells him that he is coming in fifteen days. Rishi says that he is leaving because he cannot be a donor anymore. Rahul tries stopping him but in vain. Rahul is desperate since he doesn’t know what to tell Alia now.

Sarang starts playing football with the other male employees of Direct dil se. Rahul is sitting on bench and keeps getting calls from Alia but doesn’t pick them up. Alia wonders why he is not receiving her call. He finally picks it up and Alia asks him why he wasn’t receiving the calls. Rishi lies that he was playing football. She asks him about Rishi. He scolds a man who was about to break a cradle saying that they promised to deliver something and they should do that only since she doesn’t like people who don’t keep their promises.

Rahul asks him what she is doing at office. She tells him that she is making nursery in the office and then asks again about Rishi. Rahul tells her that the work will be done in five minutes since Rishi must be coming. He cuts the call and wonders how to tell Alia that his dreams got red signal on them. Just then he notices Sarang doing workout shirtless and realizes that he fits as Alia’s perfect donor.

In the evening, Sarang helps Kavya in her cafeteria where Christmas celebration is going on. Rahul comes there and thinks that Alia gets angry because of little things.
Episode ends