Story 9 Months Ki 22nd April 2021 Written Update: Sarang and Alia decided to meet each other

Story 9 Months Ki 22nd April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kamaleswari informing Nandini that they are in Mumbai for the treatment of their small daughter’s treatment. However the phone goes out of battery charge and as a result Nandini could not hear about Sayuri. Sarang messages Alia through the parenting app and wonders why there is no reply from her side. He is waiting for her text and then he remembers the day of Sayuri’s birthday when he was waiting in the hospital with his mother when Alia’s father come to them and informs that there is one girl and the other one is a boy but he died and Sarang gets up from his sleep with the shock of that incident and he looks at his daughter and hug her tightly.

On the other hand, Alia is sharing with Rabia that even if she is pretending to be okay and celebrating the birthday of her son from years ago, even if for one second she doesn’t forget that she lost her baby daughter on that very day. She is saying to Rabia that my daughter was looking for a special costume of that comic character and I am not able to arrange it so can you arrange it on behalf of me? She says that it will be a better solution for me since I was confused about what to give him on his birthday so you just made it easy for me. Alia calls Sunita and says to her to take care of Agastya in her absence and she is getting worried for him since she never left him alone like this.

The next day, Agastya comes to school and he faces bullying from other students but fortunately this time Sayuri notices the whole thing and he follows the kids to know where they are taking Agastya? However on the other hand Aliya finally replied to Sarang, she said it is not that I don’t want to meet you but I have to come out of station for an urgent work. Sarang also says I am also busy with the birthday celebration of my daughter. Alia says what a coincidence that even my son’s birthday also falls tomorrow.

Sarang and Alia had a conversation with each other and they have planned their respective kids birthday and also each other after the birthday party. Alia says to Agastya that you can make cake for your daughter while Sarang says I can make the best gajar ka halwa. Alia says to him, you can make a birthday cake for your daughter this time because after this your doctor will always talk about the cake you will make for her. Alia confirms to Sarang that I will surely meet you this time and it’s confirmed. The office employees of DDS are trying to help Aliya to open a new company and they are trying to approach the old clients of Alia. Sayuri appears at the store room of the school to help Agastya.

Precap – Agastya is worried about Sayuri. Sarang notices the video and realised Alia was in the school of Sayuri.