Story 9 Months Ki 22nd December 2020 Written Update: Alia fires Sarang

Story 9 Months Ki 22nd December 2020 Written Update on

The Episode starts with Alia asking who said this. She recognizes Sarang who tells that emotion is a feeling. Alia replies that they sell emotions. Saran says that they shall make their memory special as their anniversary will be last for them. Alia plans their dinner special. Sarang points that the gifts or dinner don’t matter, but feelings and time do. He says Mr. Poonawala shall give time to her. She gets Veer’s call. Sarang says that she is thinking emotions as her business while working. Alia fires him and says she will not see him from tomorrow. She recalls Veer telling the same.

Sarang leaves. Faheem asks him what he will do and says that he can still work as his assistant. Sarang refuses. Faheem asks him to give the poetry which he wrote for Poonawala and his wife. Sarang gives the poetry to make the moment of the couple special. Chotelaal comes there and asks why he messed up with Alia.

Sarang tells that he will get the job and gives him best wishes, as he is an aspiring actor. Mala tells Sarang that if he wants then she will talk to Alia. Sarang asks her not to feel bad. He goes to the receptionist and says bye. She hugs him. He takes his stuff and thinks of his moments in the office. He waves bye to everyone and goes in the lift. He sits in the auto.

Alia is on the way and reaches the hotel. Veer is waiting for her in the hotel. He introduces Alia to his lawyer. Alia says he said that he wants to talk to me something important. Lawyer tells her that he asked him to call a lawyer and asks her to call her lawyer. Alia asks why he called her. The lawyer shows the divorce papers. Alia reads it and asks what it is. At the same time, Sarang calls someone for job. Lawyer asks Alia to give 50 percent of her properties to Veer. Alia asks did you invest even a penny for it. Veer says no, but I have given my time to you. Ramesh tells Sarang that those who stand silence needs courage.

Alia asks Veer to get up and turn around. She says she was checking if you have a back bone. Veer asks what she means, Alia says even if you get 50 percent property then you will not get anything. She says if she asks, then he has to give share to her from his property. Alia says that after wedding her company has paid all the bills and even his car’s insurance. She adds that she got deals by using her father’s name otherwise he would have not even got any meeting.

On the other hand, Sarang complains about Alia not accepting his idea with Ramesh and others but Ramesh says that she is the boss and disliked her idea. She gives examples of others who get bashed by bosses but have to stay silent however Sarang doesn’t want to stay in such a place.

Veer taunts Alia for making lists of all the things when he thought she was doing it for love. Alia replies that she thought he married her for love as well but he just cared about her name and money and she even thought he wanted to get divorce respectfully but he now wants property and paperwork to be done. Veer points out about her father spoiling his deal and blames her for trying to take revenge.

Alia keeps giving it back to him: if she wanted revenge she would have filed case against him for cheating on her, for having an extra marital affair, mishandling their joint account and also defamation and manhandling case for that viral video. Having said all, Alia walks away without letting Veer say anything more.

Meanwhile, Sarang thanks his friends for worrying for him but he says that he has already taken wrong path becoming office runner when he came to Mumbai to become a writer. He wants to write his own future story.

Alia is driving and recalling Veer’s hurtful words. She stops to have a kulfi. At the same time, Sarang is having chai and using his mobile. Alia asks another kulfi after having one. Sarang has another chai too. They respectively have a third kulfi and chai. Sarang pays the chai wala extra for giving him chai so late at night and then leaves.

Alia wears her shoes which she had in the car trunk and then starts running. Sarang is walking on road. It’s night. Sarang thinks that he got his mother’s blessing that’s why he is not feeling disappointed even though he has no job. He gets a call and thinks it’s the company for which he applied for job but then wonders why they are calling him.

Episode ends

Precap: Alia returns home. Sarang is there. The house is decorated with heart shaped balloons. Sarang kneels down in front of Alia.