Story 9 Months Ki 22nd February 2021 Written Update: Sarang dedicates a song to Alia

Story 9 Months Ki 22nd February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Munni Devi asking Kamleshwari to call Sarang immediately. Just then, Sarang and Alia come back to the house laughing together. They are all wet.

Scene shift to few days ago when Sarang and Elaichi are recalling their childhood moments. Alia goes aside. Her clothes get dirty so she goes to clean from a faucet. A woman shouts what she has done.

Sarang notices Alia is missing and gets worried. Elaichi says that she is not a kid. He replies that she is carrying a kid though. He calls her and Elaichi notices that he has saved her contact as “humsafar”.

A woman scolds Alia for using the water with which she had to make food. Alia is ready to pay but the woman says that she doesn’t want it but her “uple”. She gives Alia mud asking her to make the uple. Alia picks up Sarang’s call and asks for his help. Sarang immediately goes to help her. Elaichi complains that he should have taken her along.

Sarang reaches the place where Alia is and stares at her while she is making faces while forwarding a hand towards the mud. He stops her. Alia apologizes to spoil his date. He replies that it wasn’t a date and offers his help. He asks her to sit while he will make the uple. She says that it was her fault so why he should make. He suggests to make together. They sit. He folds her sleeves and shows her how to make uple with mud and then put them on the wall. “Aise tera mein” plays. They share eye lock while he movesher strand away. Elaichi comes back home crying. Sarang ties Alia’s hair since her hands are dirty. They stare at each other. He mistakenly throws water on her and then throws water on himself too making her laugh. Both are completely wet. They laugh.

On the other hand, Munni Devi complains for making the name of the family drown. She doesn’t let Brij speak blaming him for everything that is happening. She asks Kamleshwari to call Sarang but he doesn’t pick up.

Just then, Alia and Sarang come back laughing and wet. Brij and Munni Devi glare at them. Elaichi cries because she called Sarang from behind but he didn’t stop. Brij scolds Sarang for running away when he gave him the responsibility of making Elaichi visit Madhura. Alia apologizes saying that she got trapped in a problem and Sarang came to help but Sarang insists that she shouldn’t ask sorry since it was not her mistake. She insists to say sorry and Sarang keep asking her not to do that. The family look at them while they argue. They both sneeze. Kamleshwari comes to them and says that they shall not get cold and cough in this condition. She asks Kusum to boil the water and add ginger. Alia says it is ok but Kamleshwari sends her with Kusum. Sarang smiles looking at Alia. Bua ji notices that Sarang is looking at Alia.

Kumkum brings ginger water for Alia who thanks her. Kumkum looks at the medicines and asks if this is for pregnancy. Alia says yes. Kumkum says she will get it for her. Alia says she will order it online. Kumkum makes an excuse and notes down the names. She plays radio and leaves. Sarangdhar ask Kumkum what Alia is doing. Kumkum replies that she is hearing radio. Alia hears radio RJ announcing that Sarangd has requested song for a girl, whom he wants to know more. He plays the song “Ek ladki bheegi bhagi si”. Alia thinks why she will dedicate this song for her, as she comes out and looks at him. Sarang falls on the chillies happily.

Munni Devi tells Brij Mohan that she has seen love in Sarangdhar’s eyes for Alia. Elaichi says she has seen Humsafar written on his phone. Brij Mohan says Alia brought him here for her aim. Alia asks why Sarang is listening to her. Brij replies that she is his boss. Munni Devi says Sarang has broken her Elaichi’s heart and that’s why Alia will be punished. Elaichi asks how. Sarang is still lying on the chillies unnoticed.

Later in the night, Alia gets up and sits on the bed. She asks her babies, if they are hungry and calls them naughty for not letting her sleep. She finds Sarang’s handkerchief with which he had tied her hair. She thinks she never took anyone’s help so far, so why she needs Sarang’s help now. She goes downstairs holding the torch night. She goes to the kitchen and finds someone looking at her. She asks who is there.

Episode ends

Precap: Elaichi steals Alia’s clothes from her wardrobe. Alia asks Kamleshwari to give her clothes. Kamleshwari says there are no clothes there. Alia says she has an important meeting. Later Alia comes wearing Kamleshwari’s saree and Sarang stares at her.