Story 9 Months Ki 22nd March 2021 Written Update: Alia goes out with Sarang for a Mumbai tour

Story 9 Months Ki 22nd March 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Rajeshwari saying to Sarang that she wants to go for a Mumbai tour and asking Sarang to call Alia as well to join them. Sarang recalls what Alia says to him about going out on Sundays and he was reluctant to ask her again for it. Alia manages the society head and somehow convinces him that it was an unintentional mistake and it will not get repeated again.

Alia’s mother says to them we have guests in our house and they are not aware about the rules and regulations of this society but trust us we will manage from next time. Alia is tensed when her mother says to her that you should go out for a small trip today with Sarang and we have to arrange something for these people soon. Alia calls Sarang and asks if she can still join them for the Mumbai outing or not ? Sarang gets happy to hear this and he says if my mother gets to know about it then she will be the happiest person on earth.

Alia says to him then fine I am coming and Sarang says since it’s my plan hence I will come to pick you up from your house. Alia is about to go out when Elaichi and Buaji try to stop her from going but Alia’s mother manages the situation for her and says she is going out for an office meeting on urgent basis and Alia saya thanks to her for the favour. Buaji calls Sarang’s father and informs that Alia went out of the house telling me a lie. He says don’t worry, just for once let the banks open tomorrow morning after that all these dramas will stop forever.

Rajeswari wants to have sweets and Sarang says we won’t get such kinds of sweets in Mumbai but Alia took them to a shop of sweets and Rajeswari gets excited to know that the shop is quite ancient and popular celebrities graced the place with their presence already. Both Alia and Rajeswari are getting excited to eat sweets while Sarang is getting happy to see them.

In the sweet shop, Rajeswari gets accused of stealing someone’s mobile phone and the owner insulted her. Alia comes forward and takes a stand for her and defends her in front of all. Finally things got resolved completely. An emotional Rajeswari can’t hold up her emotions seeing Alia fighting for her with all. As a result both of them hugged each other. Alia feels warmth and happiness too to see her happy and satisfied. They had a nice time with each other while roaming and Sarang drops Alia in her residence. On the other hand, the next morning in the DDS office premises Rahul proposed Mala in front of the entire staff and other members.

Precap – Alia announced her engagement and relationship status in front of everyone in the office. Sarang however gets upset over this revelation.

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