Story 9 Months Ki 24th December 2020 Written Update: Sarang and Alia search together for a lost girl

Story 9 Months Ki 24th December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarang trying to stop a car on the road to get a lift. He is holding some balloons. None stops until Alia, who is driving to home, sees him and stops the car in front of him. She asks him where his home is. Sarang replies that it’s in Madhura and then corrects himself telling where he lives in Mumbai. Alia offers him lift.

He says that he will go himself by walking. She says that he came for company’s work so this is their policy. Sarang reminds her that he fired him in the morning. Alia knows that, still offers the lift. Sarang says that there is a problem and signs the balloons. They sit in the car and start off with balloons in car. Old romantic song plays in radio.

On the other hand, Brij Mohan is in romantic mood and asks Kamleshwari to come to sit on the bed near her. He offers her something to eat. She feels someone is on roof. He tries flirting with her but she leaves saying that she forgot milk on gas.

Sarang turns off radio in car. He thinks to ask for forgiveness to Alia. The latter thinks she should thank Sarang for helping her so much today. Sarang removes the idea from his mind saying that it was not his mistake and also Alia thinks that his attitude will rise if she thanks him. He jokes about filling balloons. She asks about the poetry. He says that he has written it himself. She asks if he is a writer. Sarang tells her that he came to Mumbai to become writer only. Suddenly, he asks her to stop the car immediately. She does that and Sarang rushes out of the car.

In the kitchen, Kamleshwari thinks Brij Mohan has gone mad. He comes there and says that he cannot do romance. Kamleshwari asks him not to do that. Brij Mohan tells her that he wants a child. She gets shocked.

Alia thinks Sarang is going to the toilet in public property and goes out asking him if he has some shame. He asks her what he did. She says that he is going to the toilet in public property. He swears he has never peed outside like this. Alia asks him not to go into details. She asks him why he got the car stopped then.

Meanwhile, Kamleshwari asks Brij Mohan how they can have child. He says that he is not old. Kamleshwari says that she is. Brij Mohan reminds her about her friend Phoolwati having child at this age. Kamleshwari remembers about the lie he told him. He asks her to come to the room. She regrets lying to him. She hears noise from upstairs and wonders what it is. It’s her daughter’s boyfriend who has come to meet her.

Sarang has found a girl hiding in a corner. Alia and Sarang manages to convince her to come with them. Her name is Alia too so Sarang says that they are name sake and when such a thing happens in their town they call the younger one as “Choti” and the elder “Badi”. She sits in car with Sarang and Alia. They ask little Alia about her address or her parents’ phone number but she doesn’t remember.

 Alia suggests to call the police and the young Alia gets scared. Sarang asks her what she has in her box. She replies she has some clothes, water bottle, snack and her twin dolls. Sarang asks Alia to come out of the car.

They go out. Sarang tells Alia that the girl has not lost herself but she has escaped from home. Alia asks why she would do that. Sarang says that he doesn’t know. Sarang and Alia realizes that the child has disappeared. They blame each other and then go to search for the girl. Sarang seems scared of darkness so he stays near Alia. She asks him to go to the other direction.

In Madhura, Sarang’s younger sister’s boyfriend has to hide as Pavan comes to sleep on the roof after being kicked by Kusum since he kept talking about having baby. Pavan sits on the bed under which the boyfriend is hiding. Kamleshwari prays to get out of the embarrassing situation she is in.

On the other hand, Sarang gets scared when a dog comes in front of him. He hides behind a tree. Alia gets scared by something too and runs away after screaming out loudly. Sarang starts running too.

Kamleshwari switches off the lights. Kamleshwari asks Raju to check. Pavan gets up to go to check but he sees the boyfriend and shouts that thief has come. He starts chasing the poor guy. Kusum turns on the lights.

Sarang and Alia bumps into each other. They share an eye lock. Sarang says that she got scared. Alia says that there was too much darkness ahead. Sarang makes fun and asks who gets afraid by darkness. He jumps behind Alia as the dog returns. Alia asks if a dog is something to be afraid of. The dog runs away. Alia and Sarang decide to keep finding Alia. Sarang shouts Alia. Elder Alia asks where. They look ahead.

Episode ends

Precap: Sarang recites a poetry that Alia had read as comment under her interview. The next day she goes to the Sarang’s colony and asks for him.