Story 9 Months Ki 24th February 2021 Written Update: Alia and Munni Devi have an argument

Story 9 Months Ki 24th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarang and Alia struggling to style her saree properly for the meeting and Elaichi and Munni Devi spying on them through binocular. They are on time for the video conference and Elaichi gets frustrated seeing they couldn’t flop the meeting.

Alia is on video conference when Munni Devi comes to drag Alia with her. She removes the shawl that was covering Alia since the latter wanted to hide her saree. Sarang tries stopping Munni Devi who starts a melodrama. Elaichi comes to take Munni Devi. The client tells Alia that he wants to talk about something important with her. When Sarang, Elaichi and Munni Devi are talking, Alia interrupts them and thanks Munni Devi since the client loved the colour combination of her saree and wants it as theme of his project. This would have not happened if Munni devi hadn’t snatched the shawl. She also knows that Elaichi hid her clothes. Munni Devi says that she has given them to wash. She wants to gift something to Munni Devi who refuses and leaves.

In the evening, Alia and Sarang roam in the bazaar to get a gift for Munni Devi where he keeps covering her first with shawl, then with a shirt and then an umbrella. She notices his weird behaviour and he finally reveals that some boys are staring at her. She glares at the boys who leave and says that they should fix the one staring and not cover the one being stared. Sarang is impressed.

Alia insists to have kachori but Sarang doesn’t want her to have outside food which is harmful for their baby. He notices “Suron ke sitare” competition poster. At the same time, Kavya remembers Sarang and just then she receives the poster of the competition that Sarang sent her.

On the other hand, Alia apologizes to Sarang seeing that she has stained the wall of Pandey Niwas with the marks of her hands. Sarang says that her grandmother had painted the wall and then laughs saying it was a joke. He gets Kavya’s videocall and attends it while Alia goes inside.

Alia smells something nice from kitchen and goes to get food but Munni Devi says that women eat after men in their house. Alia snaps that change is inevitable and says that they think wrong if they want to make a pregnant woman eat after men. Sarang manages to convince Kavya to participate in the competition. Kamleshwari supports Alia but Munni Devi tries snatching the plate with food from Alia who pulls it towards her and gets hurt. Munni Devi says that God has punished her.

Alia goes upstairs. Kamleshwari tries stopping her but in vain. Sarang asks her what happened. Kamleshwari tells him what happened in kitchen and that Alia got hurt. Sarang rushes to Alia and apologizes on his family’s behalf. Alia complains about Munni Devi’s behaviour and Sarang agrees with her. They both are scared that something might have happened to their baby. Kamleshwari overhears them.

Kamleshwari asks Sarang what he meant with “their baby”. Sarang takes her with him to make her understand. Alia is worried about how Kamleshwari will take all this. Sarang tells Kamleshwari that Alia’s baby is also his shocking her. She falls on an armchair.

Episode ends

Precap: Kamleshwari requests something shocking to Alia after asking Raju to call a taxi.

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