Story 9 Months Ki 24th November 2020 Written Update: Sarang decides to make his own identity

Story 9 Months Ki 24th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pandey taunting Sarang when he packs his stuff after deciding to leave the house. Pandey says that none will recognize him. Sarang says that it’s better: he will get new birth. He wonders how his mother has been bearing this devil like person for so many years and blames his father also for his sister sitting at home even after getting married so long ago.

Sarang is about to walk out of the house but Pandey reminds him that whatever is wearing has been given by him. Sarang agrees with him and goes back to the house. Pandey says that finally his mind got fine.

 However, Sarang returns after placing his bag inside and removes all the accessories and clothes he is wearing. He is about to remove his underwear but Amma asks him to think about his father’s respect. Sarang says that there is no respect but only fear in Madhura. He quotes Einstein and then leaves promising to come back with his own identity and the money he owes.

On the other hand, Gautam (Alia’s father) cheers for Alia’s success. He says that she is self made and she reminds him about himself. He was as passionate as her when he was young. He starts talking about his journey. Alia gets bored and is about to leave but a lady stops her and asks her whether she is trying to escape from her own party like she had sneaked away from her sangeet party. Alia denies that.

Alia bumps into Nitya who comes out from her bedroom. Nitya says that she had an important call to attend so she went to her room since there was noise outside. She goes to get water. Rabia comes and greets her. Nitya leaves silently.

Rabia asks Alia why she is behaving like she has stolen something. She has made brownies for Alia and excitedly talks about sharing her good news with others. Alia says that she knew about the party but didn’t tell her. Rabia says that she messaged her but she is busy.

Gautam comes and Rabia greets her. Rabia praises Alia’s interview. Gautam says that it was a nice interview and he didn’t know that her mother was her inspiration. Rabia leaves them alone. Alia tells Gautam that her mother leaving her was inspiration itself and so was him not giving time to her. Gautam says that she is walking on his footsteps only so they are the same. Veer comes and starts talking about a deal with Gautam. Alia leaves.

Meanwhile, Sarang is with his friend. Raju comes with halwa puri  that his mother Kalmeshwari has sent for him. He eats it with his friends. Kalmeshwari calls Sarang who shares with her that he is willing to leave Madhura.

On the other hand, Rabia asks Alia whether she has told Veer about her being ready for the baby. Alia replies that Veer is so supportive and adds that she didn’t get time to talk with him since there are so many people in party. Rabia notices him drinking and tells Alia that it can affect male fertility.

After few minutes, Alia splits Veer’s drink in tap. He says she has thrown such an expensive drink of him. Alia reveals him that she is ready for the baby. He coughs and seems hesitant. Alia holds his hand and says that they had planned like this so should go this way online otherwise the next plans will get spoiled too. Veer says that he doesn’t know and suggests to talk later. He looks at Nitya.

Later, Veer sighs while sitting with Nitya and drinks. Nitya feels something is wrong and asks her what’s wrong. Veer says that Alia wants a baby. Nitya asks what he said. Veer replies that he sees his future with her and not Alia.

Nitya suggests to tells everything to Alia because it’s wrong that they are hiding it from her. She feels she is stealing something from her but Veer says that he loves her and not alia: he used to love her when they married but now they are more like roommates. Veer says that he would have told Alia if she wasn’t Gautam Shroff’s daughter. He says that she knows the deal is very important to him. He promises her that she will handle everything.

Rabia hugs Alia and then leaves after assuring that she will handle everything. Alia is about to have brownies going to her room but stops and shuts the door first.

Meanwhile, Raju gives Sarang his diary. Sarang asks Raju to promise him that he won’t stop studying even if he leaves. Raju says that he used to teach him but he is leaving. Sarang says that he doesn’t need him but only brain and he has it.

Alia eats brownies and wonders how people talk so much. Sarang chats with his group of friends. Alia looks at her pregnancy file and smiles. Sarang sings. His friend asks him where he is willing to go. Sarang replies that he can go where his fate takes him: Delhi, Kolkata or Mumbai where many dreams become reality and many break. He looks at the sky. Also Alia looks at the sky through window.

Episode ends

Precap: Rabia tells Alia that, when a child’s roots are getting formed, he chooses his parents himself. Alia hopes he chooses her. Rabia says that he is on the way. Sarang runs to catch the train. A girl gives him a hand.