Story 9 Months Ki 28th December 2020 Written Update: Mr Poonawala convinces Alia to bring back Sarang

Story 9 Months Ki 28th December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Alia teasing Sarang saying that she didn’t think that he would get so scared. Sarang notices balloons in air and they understand that little Alia must be around. They go to the spot where balloons were and chase the girl.

On the other hand, Brij Mohan asks his son in law about the thief. Pawan starts making up stories about a huge thief but Brij Mohan interrupts him. He asks him to go to sleep and tells Kamleshwari that they should go to sleep too. Kamleshwari pretends to feel unwell and says that she should sleep with her daughter. She goes to her room. Kumkum stops her husband from leaving. The two hugs in her room.

Meanwhile, little Alia cries because she doesn’t want to go home since her parents won’t love her anymore. Sarang recalls his father scolding him. Alia remembers her parents leaving her alone home. Sarang asks the girl if her parents beat and scold her. Alia asks whether they leave her alone. She says that new baby is coming. Alia and Sarang laugh. They make her understand that her parents’ love won’t change after the baby comes. Sarang talks about her siblings.

 Alia says that studies proved that she won’t need a friend after a brother or sister comes in her life. Sarang asks her if she would like two chocolates. Little Alia says yes. Sarang asks why. She replies that she likes chocolates. Sarang explains that her parents like her therefore they want another one like her. Little Alia likes the idea of having someone else like her and wants a girl because girls are best. Alia gives her hi five and even Sarang agrees. The child’s parents come and takes her with her after Sarang and Alia clicks selfie with her.

Alia asks Sarang to rejoin the office but Sarang refuses. He recites a poetry and Alia remembers reading it among the comments under her interview and getting inspired by it. Sarang says that he didn’t get any respect in his office so he doesn’t want to come there again.

The next morning, Rabia sees Alia eating lots of desserts and being stressed. She questions her about it. Alia complains about not finding any suitable donor and Sarang not accepting her offer. Rabia suggests Sarang as donor but Alia brushes off the idea since Sarang is loud, classless and have bad friendship circle.

On the other hand, Sarang and Ramesh are in the latter’s taxi and are going for the former’s interview. Sarang sees Kavya running and a guy chasing her so he immediately gets off the taxi and run to grab the guy. Kavya comes and asks him to leave the guy revealing that he is his brother Golu and she was making him run behind her to make him exercise. Sarang apologizes.

At office, Rahul talks with Faheem about Sarang saving Mr and mrs Poonawala’s event. Faheem wonders how Sarang ends up everywhere. Alia comes there and asks whether they knew that Sarang is a writer. Faheem denies having any contact with him and says that he heard few rhyming lines by him and he found him below average. Alia says that he is quite impressive and even Mr Poonawala liked his poetry, so did she. She asks Rahul about some files.

Later, Sarang calls Ramesh and says that interview didn’t go well since they needed experienced people. He is disheartened and recalls promising himself to return home only after becoming someone but being rejected by interviewers and being fired by Alia.

In Madhura, Kumkum and Kusum argue because the former blames her elder sister for not doing any house chore. Kusum debates that she has bigger dreams. Kamleshwari makes Kusum understand that her and her sister’s dreams are different but that doesn’t mean that Kumkum’s dream is small.

Rahul gives Alia files about donors and writers. Alia asks him his opinion about Sarangdhar. Rahul is surprised to see that she knows his name. He says that he doesn’t know if he donates or not. Alia clears that she is talking about him as writer. He asks Rahul to set up meetings with donors. After Rahul leaves, Alia keeps remembering Sarang’s poetry.

Kamleshwari comforts Kumkum and says that Kusum doesn’t hate her but she is suffering like her only. Kumkum asks why Brij Mohan cannot see their pain. She says that it’s good that Sarang escaped. Kamleshwari suggests her to escape too but Kumkum gets angry asking her where she will go. She says that every woman related to this family has her life ruined.

Mr Poonawala comes to meet Alia. She is scared wondering why. Mala is scared that Mr Poonawala has come to ask Alia to fire her. Rahul assures her that it’s nothing like that. Mr Poonawala has come to thank Alia for the arrangement. He has also brought a gift for Sarang. Alia tells him that she fired him the previous day and he rejected her offer when she asked him to rejoin. Mr Poonawala says that nowadays she won’t find people like Sarang who can take any company far. He insists for Sarang to be hired back. Alia assures him that she will make sure he joins back.

Episode ends

Precap: Alia calls Rahul and says that they need to hire Sarang as writer. Rahul talks with Sarang and tells him that it’s the first time Alia herself wants to hire someone. Sarang says that he is talking to him though. Alia looks at them from far and thinks he has attitude. Later she goes to Sarang’s colony.