Story 9 Months Ki 28th January 2021 Written Update: Sarang goes through an emotional turmoil

Story 9 Months Ki 28th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Alia feeling pain in stomach after getting hit and crying. She says that she won’t let anything happen to the baby. Sarang rushes to her and makes her sit inside the car. He drives while Alia cries for pain and calls Rabia.

Rabia hopes Alia is fine since she has called in emergency. Just then she sees Alia walking inside supported by Sarang. She remembers Veer being absent when Alia used to come for check-ups. She makes Alia lie and pulls the curtain assuring Sarang that she will handle. She says that Sarang seems more nervous about Alia. Alia asks Rabia if baby is fine. Sarang is tensed too and hopes nothing happens to the baby. Rabia gets worried and tells that heartbeat isn’t there. Alia cries. Sarang touches Alia’s hand through curtain without even realizing and just then Rabia is able to hear the heartbeat of the baby. She tells Alia that the baby is absolutely fine. Alia and Sarang gets relieved. Rabia pulls away the curtain. Alia and Sarang look at each other emotionally.

Later, Alia and Sarang sit on a bench in a park. Sunrays light up the sky. A rainbow appears followed by some butterflies that fly around the two. Alia touches her stomach and smiles. Sarang stares at her. The two return into reality when a beggar blesses them praying that God may keep them together and their baby safe. Both Alia and Sarang give money to him and then look at each other.

In the evening, Sarang drops Alia home. Alia says that she got very tired today and asks to talk tomorrow. Sarang accepts. Alia leaves the car.

Alia goes inside her house and enters her room sitting on the bed. She says that she promised to the baby to keep them safe and she fulfilled it since they are absolutely fine. She apologizes and promises not to stress them ever again.

Sarang reaches Kavya’s café. Kavya sees him and asks everyone to put their hands together for Sarang. The latter walks to the stage absent minded, ignoring even Kavya’s all the best. Kavya thinks that he doesn’t need them as usual but she still wants to give him best wishes. She goes back to the counter while Sarang is on the stage. Kavya’s brother asks her why she is inside while Sarang is out. He asks whether they fought seeing her pretending to be busy but she doesn’t answer so he leaves.

Sarang recalls Alia’s words. He is silent. People asks him to speak up or leave the stage since they are there for the open mic. Kavya goes to hm and asks what happened, if the mic isn’t working. Sarang doesn’t respond. He walks away.

Both Alia and Sarang are seen sleeping in their respective house. Alia has a dream in which she keeps hearing baby’s cry but the baby cot is empty. She sees Sarang with the baby in his arms. He is about to drop the baby. Both Sarang and Alia wake up stunned.

Alia calls Rabia who asks why she is crying. Alia tells her that she is scared that Sarang might snatch her baby away from her. Rabia asks her not to worry since she got Sarang’s signature. Alia says that Sarang can make logic fail with his emotion. Rabia reminds her that Sarang doesn’t want to be a father and asks her to sleep since staying awake till late isn’t good for her and the baby. She wishes her good night after convincing her to sleep.

On the other hand, Sarang calls her mother who understands something is bother him and asks him to have water immediately. He asks how she understood immediately. She replies that a mother and child’s heart is same. Sarang asks about father and child’s heart. Kamleshwari makes him understand that a mother understands her child’s emotions while a father fulfils a child’s needs just like his father, despite having bad relation with him, did for him. She adds that he will understand when he will become father. Sarang asks whether they were ready when they had child. Kamleshwari replies that they didn’t think so much back then: wedding happened so children had to happen. Sarang asks how she felt when she had him. Kamleshwari says that with a child’s birth, parents’ new birth happens too. She asks why he is asking such questions. He makes excuse that he has to write something about the topic.

Sarang gets Alia’s call so he cuts Kamleshwari’s one and immediately asks Alia whether she is fine and if she needs something. Alia assures him that she is fine and says that she wants to meet him. He accepts and asks whether she wants to say anything else. Alia replies no and they cut the call.

Later in the morning, Sarang is waiting for Alia who arrives in car and then come out walking towards him. They face each other.

Episode ends

Precap: Sarang tells Alia that he can see happiness in her eyes. Alia replies that she can see only fear in his eyes though and asks whether her first feeling when he got to know that he is her baby’s donor was happiness only or not.