Story 9 Months Ki 4th January 2021 Written Update: Rahul decides to make Sarang donor for Alia’s baby

Story 9 Months Ki 4th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rahul meeting Mala in a cafeteria and asks her if a child goes on Sarang then he will be cute. Mala replies that if the child is Sarang’s then he will be like him only.

Kavya announces Sarangdhar on stage. He comes there nervously and whispers to her that he isn’t ready for Christmas. She replies that the real talent is when one can showcase it without any preparation. He reminds her that they decided that she will start in the open mic. Kavya avoids him and leaves the stage. Sarang recites a poetry on stage.

Rahul receives a message from Alia who asks him if the paperwork with Rishi has been completed. He lies that it got completed and congratulates with her. “Hum chale baharon mai” plays. She gets extremely happy seeing the message and jumps on bed excitedly. Sunita comes there and asks her what happened. Alia is very happy and asks her to go home to take care of her children. Sunita leaves. Alia dances happily and sends a thank you message with hugging emojis to Rahul who has a guilty expression.

Everyone claps for Sarang as he ends his poetry. Screen freezes into two showing a happy Alia and a content Sarang.

The next morning, Rahul comes to Sarang’s colony and keeps an eye on him. He sees that Sarang is letting everyone go ahead in the line to fill water in bucket. He thinks that Alia would call him emotional fool but he is helpful just like Alia is even though not openly. He sees him brushing his teeth on balcony and thinks that Alia would call him classless but then thinks that the child will stay with Alia so will be like her. Sarang has chai sitting on balcony and even though Alia won’t like it, Rahul thinks that she enjoys having snacks like this as well. Sarang has vada pav and Alia would find it unhealthy but Rahul thinks that sometimes it is possible. Rahul thinks that he doesn’t have all qualities but he seems the perfect donor.

Later, Rahul goes to office where Alia asks him the signed papers. Rahul reveals her that Rishi cancelled at the last moment because of his girlfriend. Alia gets angry blaming him for lying to her and cancels the 5 laakhs cheque she gave her.

It was just Rahul’s imagination. He goes to Alia’s office and she asks the papers. He lies that Rishi kept them to read them carefully and he will get them back in the evening. Alia is happy and says it’s fine. She goes out and wishes good morning to Sarang passing near him. Sarang gets happy hearing that. He thinks that his morning got better and sweeter like gud wali chai.

Sarang sees Rahul who seems tensed and asks him what happened. Rahul tells him that Alia gave him a secret work. Sarang offers help. Rahul lies about an IQ competition going to happen among employees. Sarang refuses to help because he believes intelligence should not be compared as emotional quota is more important. Rahul loves what he said.

Alia reaches gym to do yoga. The teacher says that there is a position to be done with partners. Alia’s partner is Nitya. Alia recalls Veer’s betrayal. After the class, Nitya apologizes to Alia for what happened saying that she and Veer didn’t want to hurt her. Alia asks her why Veer didn’t give her divorce papers if he didn’t want to hurt her. Nitya is shocked to learn that.

Later, Alia comes back at office. Chotelaal gathers everyone in the office to distribute sweets from a box that has come for Alia but the latter never eats sweets. Alia overhears them from her cabin. Sarang insists to make Alia have the sweets. He goes to her cabin and offers sweets. She says that she avoids sweets. Sarang asks her if she is sure since she could find out which sweets are preferred in market. He is about to leave but Alia stops him and says that she will have sweets just for research purpose. Rahul is glad to see that and thinks that Alia will be so happy if her child will be like Sarang.

Sarang sees lots of doctors in the office. Rahul tells him that Alia has arranged free health check up for every employee as Christmas gift. Sarang likes it but doesn’t want to be checked. Rahul asks why. Sarang confesses that he fears needles. He walks away.

Rahul is extremely worried thinking about Alia’s reaction if she finds out about no donor being there. He stops the lift in which Sarang is and enters there. He insists for Sarang to do the check up but Sarang denies saying that his fear of needles is very big. Rahul grabs him to stop him from leaving the lift. Sarang tries leaving.

On the other hand, Nitya confronts Veer about him not giving divorce to Alia yet. She says that she doesn’t want to waste her time.

Rahul lies to Sarang that Alia is collecting health data of the employees because she is thinking to donate blood as well since they are a gifting company. Sarang says that he should have told him earlier about such a nice thought and hugs him accepting to do the health test.

Later, Alia reaches the office where Mala wishes her good morning. Alia asks her whether she got the test done. Mala says yes and adds that it was a very nice idea. Alia says that she should thank Rahul who is very smart. Mala wonders what happened to Alia who is praising someone. Just then a scream is heard. Sarang is having the test done.

Episode ends

Precap: Rahul tells Sarang that it is very important for the girl whom he considers like sister. Rahul calls Alia and tells her that donor has come. Sarang meets Rabia and finds her familiar. She thank him. He says that she should thank Rahul and adds that it’s so important for his sister. Rabia is confused. Sarang hides when Alia comes there.