Story 9 Months Ki 5th January 2021 Written Update: Rahul deceives Sarang convincing him to donate sperm

Story 9 Months Ki 5th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Alia and mala hearing Sarang’s screams and rushing to see what’s happening. Sarang is getting scared by the injection. Rahul is trying to handle him. He grabs Alia’s wrist when she comes to ask what happened. Sarang says that he will die. Doctor says that he didn’t give him the injection yet. He keeps screaming loudly.

Suddenly he stops and the cry of a baby is heard. Everyone looks around. It’s just one employee who has kept this sound as ringtone. Sarang has got the injection. Alia asks what happened to him. Rahul tells her that Sarang has phobia of syringes. Alia says that children would have handled this better and adds that this is the reason why women have to give birth since men would not be able to bear this pain. She goes to her cabin. Two men hold Sarang to take him away.

Rahul asks doctor to keep Sarang’s report aside as he asked and then give them to him. Alia calls him to her cabin and reminds him that the donor has the appointment tomorrow evening. Rahul says that the donor will come lying that there is no problem.

In the evening, Sarang is helping Kavya in her cafeteria. She tells him that everyone asked about him after his fantastic poem. Sarang says that she has done a wonder by making him recite poems in a cafeteria of Mumbai which he never thought when he was in Mumbai.

Sarang sees Rahul there. Rahul says that his reports are perfect and asks him to be Alia’s child’s father but he is talking to none actually. Sarang comes there and after greetings he sees a father forbidding his son to have burger and then says that he won’t go to music class. Sarang tells Rahul that fathers do like this so he decided that he won’t have a children. Rahul is shocked to learn that.

At the same time, Alia talks with Rabia and says that she thought she won’t ever be able to become mother after what happened with Veer. Rabia comforts her.

Sarang takes few orders and asks Rahul what he needs. Rahul replies sperm. Sarang says ok and goes to the kitchen but then comes back realizing what Rahul asked. Rahul confirms that he needs sperm. Sarang is horrified and says that he thought he was a good guy. Rahul says that he doesn’t need it for him.

Meanwhile, Alia shares with Rabia that she is scared because she doesn’t want to be like her mother. Rabia asks her not to think about past and if she is sure about having baby now. Alia is sure. Rabia tells her that her donor is James Bond: she has seen his report and he is perfect in every aspect.

Rahul lies to Sarang that he needs sperm for a girl whom she considers like a sister: she belongs to a poor family and is hardly studying but she now needs sperm for a research to complete her phd. Rahul promises to get his salary doubled and give him a new PJ if he does this but Sarang absolutely refuses blaming him for trying to corrupt him. He compares Rahul with his father and says that he is fed up with capitalists like him. Just then a girl comes and says that her life depends on him. She pretends to be that “sister” Rahul was talking about and emotionally blackmails Sarang saying that he looks like he would do anything for humanity. She gives him card and asks him to reach that place tomorrow at 8am and then leaves. Sarang is in dilemma.

Rahul goes to the girl and says that she should have waited for Sarang’s answer at least but the girl snaps that she did what she took money for. She warns Rahul to give her money on time otherwise she will tell Sarang that he paid her to do this. She leaves. Rahul hopes Sarang goes to the appointment tomorrow otherwise he will have to leave the house.

At night, Alia happily lies on her bed. She smiles looking at the ceiling. Sarang writes a poetry. “Taare gin” plays.

The next morning, Sarang is still sleeping. Alia is all set to leave instead. Sunita comes and asks her if she has to take a flight seeing her ready. Alia says that she must take life’s flight. Sunita wishes her all the best. Alia leaves.

Alia reaches Rabia’s clinic and waits for Rishi to come. Sarang is still sleeping. At 8.15 Alia is still sitting in the clinic waiting for Rishi while Sarang is still sleeping. Alia calls Rahul and tells him that donor hasn’t come yet. There are network issues so Alia goes out to talk with Rahul and asks him where Rishi is. She finds his behaviour irresponsible and doesn’t want these qualities to come in her baby. Right behind her, Sarang comes out from an auto. Rahul tells Alia that he will call the donor who might be stuck in traffic. Alia turns around but doesn’t see Sarang since he walks away.

Sarang enters the clinic. He seems embarrassed. A nurse asks him if she may help him. Sarang tells her that Rahul sent him for donation. The nurse says that he is one hour late. Sarang says that he thought about donating or not whole night but ended up coming just for humanity. The nurse goes to inform Alia that donor has come. Rabia comes to Sarang and greets him. Sarang and Rabia feel that they have seen each other but then brush off the thought. Rabia thanks him for bringing happiness in someone’s life. Sarang says that he has come just for Rahul so she must thank him since it’s important for his sister. He drops a bottle and bows to grab it. Just then Alia comes there but doesn’t see him. Sarang hears her voice and looks on.

Episode ends

Precap: Rabia tells Alia that the donor is out. Alia wants to meet him and asks nurse what he is wearing. The nurse tells her that he is wearing orange colour shirt. Later Alia offers Sarang a lift. He says that it’s such a coincidence that both are going to the office and met right in front of kids’ clinic.