Story 9 Months Ki 5th January 2021 Written Update: Alia enquires about Sarang and Kavya

Story 9 Months Ki 5th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Alia reading Sarang’s apology letter but throws it away remembering the hateful comments her baby by bashers. She notices Faheem and Sarang arguing and thinks the latter fights like children and talks about responsibility.

Everyone gathers for a meeting in conference room. Alia wants new ideas for wedding season. Sarang notices the button of her dress got broken and fell down. He grabs it and puts it in his diary telling Alia that he has written down some ideas there. He asks her to check. He whispers in her ear about the button and she understands. She covers herself with Sarang’s diary an calls off the meeting asking everyone to send ideas to her inbox by evening. Mala offers lunch to everyone. Alia refuses, so do Rahul and Sarang making excuses.

Sarang goes to buy a dress for Alia. The latter checks Sarang’ diary to find his weak spot and smiles seeing that he is making list for baby but then focuses again to find any weak point for Sarang. She finds a picture of his family and remembers Sarang complaining about his father. She wonders if he can be Sarang’s weak spot.

Brij Mohan watches TV and Alia’s news is coming on. He notices Sarang on TV and starts searching for glasses. Kamleshwari makes sure he doesn’t get them.

Sarang gifts dress to Alia saying it’s her favourite colour but she says she doesn’t like the polka dots on it. He keeps it there and is about to leave when he remembers to ask her about his diary. She drops it and says that it has fallen. He picks it up and then leaves.

Kamleshwari tells Brij Mohan that he is imagining his son because he is missing him but he denies that. He understands she is contact with Sarang since she didn’t get emotional when he took his name.

Sarang and Mala convince Kavya to arrange catering for Mala’s wedding. Alia sees Kavya and thinks this can be another good lead. Rosy comes in her cabin and notices Alia’s dress. She is wearing the one given by Sarang. Alia says that she tried something different and asks her about what Kavya is doing there. After knowing, she looks at Sarang and Kavya.

Sarang notices Rahul getting nervous while talking with Mala and makes excuse to send her away. After she leaves, Rahul apologizes to Sarang. He says that he has forgiven him already but asks him not to repeat such a mistake. Rahul is sorry for the big change he brought in his life. Sarang says that his personal life changed too with Mala’s wedding news and offers his support if he needs to talk.

Scarlett tells Alia that her dress is cute. Sarang sees Alia and smiles. Alia gets into the elevator and thinks she got two weakness of Sarang: his father and girlfriend, and now she has to find which is the bigger weakness. She is keen on reminding Sarang that he came to Mumbai to become writer and not father.

Kavya is singing when Alia comes in her café and says that she didn’t know she was a professional singer. Kavya says that it is just a hobby. Alia sits at the table and tries having a conversation with Kavya but she has work. Alia suddenly says that she and Sarang look great together. Kavya says that Sarang isn’t her boyfriend. Alia apologizes and says that he is always in the café so she thought they are together. Kavya clears that they are just friends. Alia says that she must know everything about Sarang and his relationships. Kavya asks why she wants to know about Sarang’s love life. Alia stammers. Sarang comes there.

Episode ends

Precap: Sarang promises to hold her hand forever and never leave like her dear ones did in her childhood.

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