Story 9 Months Ki 6th January 2021 Written Update: Sarang becomes donor and his reports are positive

Story 9 Months Ki 6th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarang hearing Alia’s voice and looking on but she gets inside Rabia’s office before he could see her. Sarang brushes off the thought of Alia being there.

Alia is tensed because the donor hasn’t come yet and wants to call Rahul to ask him but finally calms down when Rabia tells her that donor is there and she talked with him at the reception. She wants to go to meet him but Rabia asks her to let him do the work he is there for now.

Sarang tells the nurse that he didn’t want to come but he didn’t want someone’s dream of getting PHD ends. The nurse doesn’t give him much attention and tells him where he must go.

Alia is nervous while sitting with Rabia. The latter congratulates with her but Alia is nervous wondering if the donor’s report will be positive. Rabia tries to calm her down telling her that life will keep having challenges and she should celebrate her little wins. Alia says that she will become mother only after Rishi’s reports will be positive. She wants to meet him to thank him for fulfilling her responsibility. However, nurse tells her that the donor has already left. Alia asks him what he is wearing. The nurse tells her that he is wearing a orange kurta. She goes out to find him.

Sarang is outside the clinic and keeps seeing children. He wonders why. Alia sees him from behind and seeing the orange kurta stops her car near him. She is surprised to see Sarang there.

At the same time, Rahul is worried thinking that Alia is about to come to the office. He remembers Sarang denying to donor sperm.

Sarang gets into Alia’s car after learning that she is going to the office too. Alia asks him to take cabin or auto but Sarang knows that she cares about environment therefore she would not want another car to run on Mumbai’s polluted roads. He says that she wanted to go alone but he has come and adds that it’s such a coincidence that they met outside the clinic for children and are going to the same direction. Alia asks him what he was doing there though. Sarang makes the excuse of having stopped outside the clinic to read something interesting and adds that he has nothing to do in the children’s clinic since he doesn’t even want children. Alia asks if he has problems with children. Sarang tells her that he has problems with parents being controlling over children’s life. Alia says that parents should teach them right and wrong. Sarang says that they should change the topic otherwise it would get into an argument.

On the other hand, Kamleshwari threatens the pandit who put the thought of child in Pandey’s head saying that she will file case to the police and she has a video against him too. The pandit gets scared and calls Brij Mohan saying that it isn’t auspicious time to have child. Brij Mohan asks for a solution. The Pandit suggests him to make Kamleshwari happy and let her go out. Therefore, later Brij Mohan comes back home with lots of stuff he bought for Kamleshwari and asks her to go out as well.

Mala sees Rahul tensed and asks him what happened. Rahul says that he cannot tell. She thinks is about him having feelings for Sarang and suggests him to write and he likes the idea. He writes everything in a letter and leaves it on Alia’s desk.

Alia comes back to the office and Rahul asks her to read the letter he kept on her desk. Sarang comes there too. Rahul is all set to punch Sarang for snatching all his hopes. Mala looks at them. Sarang says that he went to donate in the morning. Rahul gets extremely happy hearing that and hugs and kisses him on cheek and forehead. Mala smiles seeing that.

Alia is about to read Rahul’s letter when he comes and snatches it from his hands telling him that it was just his apology and resignation letter because, after her call, he thought Rishi won’t come. Alia says that she is rejecting his resignation since the donor came. She is thankful to him and knows she can trust him. Rahul looks at Sarang and says that he fulfilled his responsibility and he is a trust worthy person.

Later, Alia messages Rabia asking for the reports. She replies asking her to enjoy the moment. Alia overhears the employees planning to go to Kavya’s café to celebrate New Year’s Ever. Sarang wants to ask Alia too but everyone says that she won’t come.

After a while, everyone is surprised to see Alia coming to the café. She says that there is time for reports to come therefore she decided to come. Param asks what reports. Rahul makes excuse. Everyone gets inside. Sarang is glad to see Alia and tells her that Kavya is his friend so when he is free he comes to help her. Kavya insists for him to enjoy with his colleagues. Alia stares at Sarang behaving nicely with others and remembers when she thought of him as her donor. She says that thankfully she found Rishi. Everyone starts dancing. “Buddhu sa mann” plays. Rahul thanks Sarang for today. Sarang says that he did everything. They hug. Mala looks at them.

Rabia calls Alia and tells her that the reports are positive. Alia gets extremely happy and jumps in excitement.

Episode ends

Precap: Sarang and Alia dance together. Sarang calls Kamleshwari and says that he is feeling something since days. Alia’s IVF process starts and Rabia tells her that it might be a little painful. Later, Alia sees Kavya hugging Sarang.